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A Simple Recipe to Make Balinese Grilled Chicken

Rabu, 01-December-2021 23:00

illustration: grilled chicken
Foto : Maxpixel
illustration: grilled chicken

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Chicken has become one of the favorite culinary dishes that is easy to prepare and cook. One of the delicious chicken-based recipes is grilled chicken, which is a favorite of many people.

This time, Netralnews shares an easy recipe for cooking Balinese grilled chicken, an Indonesian culinary dish. Keep on reading below.


   1 chicken, cut into quarters   1 lemon, take the juice   1 lemongrass stalk   2 lime leaves   1 teaspoon tamarind   2 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce   1/2 teaspoon salt   1/2 teaspoon brown sugar   150 ml of water   cooking oil

Ground spices:

   5 cloves of garlic   10 red onions   5 pieces of red chili   4 pecans   2 cm turmeric   4 cm turmeric   1 teaspoon of shrimp paste


   - Wash the chicken, coat it with lime juice. Let stand a moment, rinse again until clean.   - Heat the oil. Saute ground spices with lemongrass and lime leaves until fragrant.   - Put in the chicken meat, stir until the spices evenly coat the chicken.   - Pour water and add tamarind, soy sauce, salt, and brown sugar. Stir well and let it cook until the gravy shrinks and gets absorbed in the chicken meat. Turn off the fire.   - Heat the grill. Grill the chicken while basting it with the remaining seasonings until dry brown on both sides.   - Lift from the grill.  The Balinese grilled chicken is ready to be served.

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