A Simple Recipe to Make Crispy Mozzarella Cireng a La Nagita Slavina

Friday, 18-June-2021 12:50

illustration: cireng fried snack
Image : Wikimedia
illustration: cireng fried snack

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Cireng is a snack that is known to come from the Sunda region. This particular snack is generally made by frying a mixture of dough made from starch or tapioca.

This snack is very popular in the Priangan area, and is sold in various shapes and flavors. One of the contemporary variants that you can use is mozzarella cheese.

Try imagining this: chewy on the inside and the crunchy outside of the cireng dough, combined with the soft and savory mozzarella. Hmm, does it sound delicious already?

The perfect company for cireng are the dipping sauces If you want to be practical, using sweet soy sauce or your favorite chili dip is okay. You can also grind and mix some chili and herbs to make some kitchen-made dipping sauce.

Have we gotten your attention now? If so, you can try cooking the cireng mozzarella a la Artist Nagita Slavina or familiarly called Gigi. She recently shared her favorite mozzarella cireng recipe that is easy to make and practice at home.

Cireng ingredients:

- 2 tbsp wheat flour- 5 tablespoons of starch- 330 ml of water- 2 cloves of minced garlic- chopped spring onions- mushroom broth to taste- salt to taste- pepper to taste- mozzarella cheese- cooking oil

Dipping sauce ingredients:- chili according to taste- brown sugar to taste- lime

Preparation:1. Prepare a pan, add water, wheat flour, tapioca flour, minced garlic, scallions, stir over low heat2. Pour into the pan the mushroom broth, pepper, salt to taste, stir until the mixture thickens and is transparent3. Prepare a bowl, pour the starch to coat the outside of the dough4. Take some of the dough, shape it flat, fill it with mozzarella cheese and round it up5. You can also make cireng without filling, by taking some of the dough and flattening it6. Fry the cireng dough in hot oil until crispy, and then drain the cireng after frying7. For the sauce, grind the chilies, brown sugar and limes8. Serve cireng with grinded chili sauce, or you can use soy sauce or bottled chili sauce

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