Applying Mindful Parenting Can Change Children's Bad Eating Habits

Wednesday, 13-October-2021 22:00

illustration: a child is eating a bowl of noodles
Image : Pxfuel
illustration: a child is eating a bowl of noodles

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Melly Amaya Kiong,  founder of the Menata Keluarga Community (eMKa), says the application of mindful parenting that focuses on parental awareness in raising children can change children's bad eating habits.

“Mindful parenting is parenting with full awareness in giving attention, and not giving negative assessments of the child's experience. Parenting in this method is also aimed to prevent parents from stress caused by parenting (parenting stress), being able to respect the opinions and actions of children, being able to carry out their role as parents, and establishing a harmonious relationship between parents and children," said Melly in a written statement in Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/13/2021).

She added that Mindful Parenting is also effectively applied to familiarize children with consuming healthy foods and drinks.

"For example, when the child asks for ice cream, the mother can say, 'Mama gives you ice cream because you don't cough', or 'Because you are coughing, I don't give you ice cream this time', this can be repeated so that the child finally understands by themselves. These are non-judgmental ways that parents need to apply for many aspects," Melly said during the parenting webinar initiated by eMKa and the Abhipraya Insan Cendekia Indonesia Foundation (YAICI).

Dr. Ali Alhadar SpA(K), a member of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), said that monitoring of children's growth and development must be carried out properly and correctly, by paying attention to breastfeeding and complementary feeding. Parents should not provide opportunities for foods and drinks that are high in fat, salt, and sugar (GGL) content, such as sweetened condensed milk.

"This should be the role of the government to make a campaign not to give sweetened condensed milk to children because the nutritional content is very far from the protein needs of children, while there is very little protein in this sweetened condensed milk, later it will not be enough. If the child drinks sweetened condensed milk, later a feeling of fullness will arise, and the child will find it difficult to eat. The point is sweetened condensed milk is no longer given for children's routines. Regarding this, the public can seek reliable information from the IDAI website," said Ali Alhadar, as reported by Antara. 

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