Are iPhone Users More Romantic than Android Users?

Monday, 21-June-2021 23:10

illustration: a couple takes a selfie on a smartphone.
Image : Stocksnap
illustration: a couple takes a selfie on a smartphone.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - You can know whether a person is romantic or not from the smart phones they use. More interestingly, a survey says that iPhone users tend to be more romantic in nature than people using Android smartphones.

In a report by World Buzz, a scientific survey tries to uncover the factors a person takes when choosing date partners. The result is absolutely surprising.

Some 70 single respondents in the US tend to choose a dating partner who owns an iPhone rather than Android.

Nearly two out of five respondents believe smartphones affect their first impression.

The survey on 1,502 singles was done by Decluttr, a company that helps customers sell used technology items.

Another conclusion from the survey unveils that iPhone users are considered more attractive and romantic than Android users. The study also reveals several other interesting information about dating in the digital age.

According to related findings, only 65 percent of iPhone users will be open to go on a first date with someone owning an Android-based device.

On the other hand, only 53 percent of Android users will say the same about people who are loyal to their favorite iPhone.

The Love Psychology journal say its not just your phone brand, but mobile phones also can affect the outcome of a date with a prospective date.

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