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Bandung Poltekesos Holds Webinar on Drugs and Mental Health

Selasa, 29-Juni-2021 10:23

Bandung Poltekesos Holds Webinar on Drugs and Mental Health
Foto : Martina Rosa
Bandung Poltekesos Holds Webinar on Drugs and Mental Health

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic (Poltekesos) has held an online training on Drug Prevention, Eradication, Abuse, and Illicit Trafficking (P4GN), with the theme of "Drugs and Mental Health".

The webinar was part of the culmination of the 2021 International Anti-Narcotics Day (HANI) activities, preceded by the Strengthening of the Anti-Drugs Task Force Capacity of the Bandung Poltekesos Towards a Campus Free of Narcotics, which was held for two days, Wednesday and Friday (23 and 25 June 2021).

The activity was held through a Zoom meeting which was broadcast via live streaming at TV Harmoni, Radio Streaming, YouTube, Facebook, and website.

The P4GN Online Training with the theme "Drugs and Mental Health" is a product of a collaboration between the Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic and the National Narcotics Agency of West Java Province and Bandung, Artipena, and TV Harmoni.

Dr. Marjuki, Director of Poltekesos Bandung, appreciated Dr. Epi Supiadi, Deputy Director for Student Affairs and Alumni as Head of the Bandung Poltekesos Task Force and his staff, and thanked the resource persons.

"Hopefully the material provided adds insight and enlightens the members of the Task Force and all related participants regarding drugs and mental health," said Marjuki in Bandung, on Monday (06/28/2021).

The negative impact of short-term and long-term drug use on mental health, namely mental health disorders, can be experienced by drug users. These range from from depression, hallucinations, anxiety disorders, as well as paranoia, among others.

As quoted from the National Narcotics Agency, narcotics are natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic substances that can cause a decrease in consciousness, hallucinations and excitability, as well as many negative impacts of drug abuse on a person's psychological condition.

"Bandung Poltekesos firmly rejects all types of drug abuse, and sincerely becomes a P4GN volunteer as a form towards a Clean Campus from Drugs (Bersinar)," said Marjuki.

The webinar was attended by 456 participants, consisting of Structural and Functional Officers within the Bandung Poltekesos, the Head of the Anti-Drug Task Force at the Bandung Poltekesos and their staff, the Head of the Drug Studies and Services Unit at the Bandung Poltekesos, administrators, and members of organizations in the field of drug control.

It was also attended by the 2021 HANI Committee, BNNP, BNNK and Artipena West Java, employees and students at Poltekesos Bandung, as well as employees at the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

In addition, 11,100 participants took part in the TV Harmoni Live Streaming, consisting of students participating in the War on Drugs declaration from other universities in West Java.

There were 57 participants through Radio Streaming, 153 participants through YouTube social media, 71 from Facebook page, and 789 participants from elements of society in general.

The P4GN Online Training with the theme "Drugs and Mental Health" presented speakers, including Dr. Elvina Katerin S, SpKj of the BNN Rehabilitation Center with material on Substance Use Disorders and Mental Disorders; Dr Epi Supiadi, M.Si Deputy Director for Student Affairs and Alumni as Head of the Bandung Police Social Welfare Task Force with material on Drugs and Mental Health Disorders: Issues and Empirical Data; Dra Yeane EM Tungga, MSW Head of Drug Studies and Services Unit (UNIKALA) Poltekesos Bandung with material on Drugs and Mental Health.

The webinar was hosted by Nilla Shilvia Nur Awali, the 2020 Poltekesos Art Ambassador as MC and Drs Aam Muharam, MSi Lecturer of Poltekesos Bandung as Moderator.

The second phase of the activity will be held online by P4GN which will be carried out in the next two weeks which will be held by the West Java Province BNN.

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