Banjarmasin BBPPKS Wins State Asset Management Award

Friday, 18-June-2021 13:25

Banjarmasin BBPPKS Wins State Asset Management Award
Image : Martina Rosa
Banjarmasin BBPPKS Wins State Asset Management Award

BANJARMASIN, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Banjarmasin Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS) has received the 2020 BMN Management Award in the Peer Collaboration category. Thus, BBPPKS Banjarmasin has made history, as for the first time it has received an award in the management of State Assets (BMN).

The award was received directly by the Head of BBPPKS Banjarmasin Salahuddin Yahya in a ceremony at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Banjarmasin, on Thursday (06/17/2021).

Salahuddin Yahya said this award cannot be separated from the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini so that all work unit leaders and employees work hard and ensure fast response and services to the communities.

Likewise, in handling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, BBPPKS Banjarmasin has increased coordination with relevant agencies, especially in the use of BMN.

"We are coordinating and synergizing with the Task Force at the provincial and Banjarmasin City levels, the health office and local government, as well as other stakeholders. Apparently this is the assessor of the BMN Award team," said Head of BBPPKS Banjarmasin Salahuddin Yahya in a statement in Banjarmasin, on Friday (06/18/2021).

For this award, Salahuddin Yahya expressed gratitude for the directives given by the Social Affairs Minister, and the guidance of the Head of the Social Extension Education and Research Agency (BP3S) Syahabuddin.

"This achievement is also the fruit of the dedication and hard work of all employees at BBPPKS Banjarmasin. I appreciate the dedication and hard work of everyone," he said.

However, he asked his staff not to view this award as a result, but as a momentum to continue to maintain and improve performance. "This achievement is also an implementation of bureaucratic reform which has proven to be running well," he continued.

The award was given by the Directorate General of State Assets, South and Central Kalimantan Regional Office. The assessment team stated that the Banjarmasin BBPPKS recorded the highest score in terms of, first, the contribution to the utilization of BMN in the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic Management. BBPPKS Banjarmasin is considered successful in collaborating with the Provincial Task Force, the Health Service and the Banjarmasin and Banjarbaru City Governments.

Second, in terms of speed and completeness of land acquisition and completion of certificates. In this aspect, BBPPKS is considered successful in collaborating well with the National Land Agency (BPN) of Banjarmasin City. And third, the aspect of the elimination of BMN. BBPPKS Banjarmasin is considered to have shown good collaboration with the Banjarmasin State Property and Auction Service Office (KPKNL).

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