Commission VIII Approves Budget of IDR78.2 Trillion for Social Affairs Ministry in 2022

Friday, 27-August-2021 11:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs during a work meeting with Commission VIII
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs during a work meeting with Commission VIII

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Commission VIII of the Indonesian House of Representatives have approved the budget cap of IDR78.2 trillion for the Ministry of Social Affairs for the 2022 fiscal year. Next year, Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini will give important attention to economic empowerment programs, in line with the impact of the pandemic which has triggered an increase in poverty.

In general, in the Work Meeting with Commission VIII, the members of the council greatly appreciated the performance and work programs of the Minister of Social Affairs. The addition of the budget for the Basic Food Program and assistance for children without one or both parents are issues that are widely discussed and received positive appreciation.

Member of Commission VIII DPR from Partai Demokrat, Dr H Achmad MSi, said he agreed with social empowerment which was considered very beneficial, and that the Uninhabitable Home Repair (Rutilahu) program was integrated with the community environment.

"For 2022, Rutilahu is no longer physical, but integrated with the character of the community that is integrated with economic empowerment, such as in fishing villages, as well as for orphans, with sustainable programs," he said, as in a written statement received by Netralnews, on Friday (08/27/2021).

The work meeting, chaired by Chairperson of Commission VIII Yandri Susanto, approved the 2022 Ministry of Social Affairs budget cap of IDR78,256,327,121,000 that will also be used by the Secretariat General, Inspectorate General, Social Empowerment, Social Rehabilitation, Social Protection and Security, Handling of the Poor, and Social Education Training.

Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, said the Uninhabitable Home Repair (Rutilahu) program is one of the spearheads of poverty alleviation. In 2021, it will be developed to 6000 units, as the standard has changed from IDR15 million to IDR20 million per unit.

"Actually, the concept that we want to build for the poor is that if the houses have been repaired, the poor will only change for the better, then continue with economic empowerment because problems sometimes require the accessibility of environmental infrastructure," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

The Ministry of Social Affairs ensures that the poor can fulfill all their basic needs even with simple facilities, but at the same time they can get out of the cycle of poverty, one of them is by increasing their income.

In another part, Risma said the Ministry of Social Affairs has contributed to economic empowerment, for example in several areas in Asmat, Papua. In this area, economic empowerment targets fishermen with support in the form of business development that is managed jointly in the form of cooperatives.

"There has been empowerment for fishermen, such as providing assistance with more adequate fishing gear, providing assistance for chicken and laying hens, as well as supporting kiosk businesses and basic food cooperatives managed by beneficiaries," she said.

Meanwhile, the social protection program for orphans in 2022 targets all orphans. But for this year, it focuses only for orphans affected by COVID-19 through the ATENSI Program from the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation.

"The ATENSI budget for orphans in 2022 is proposed to be IDR11.2 trillion. But for 2021, IDR2.3 billion has been allocated for assistance for orphans due to the loss of their parents due to COVID-19, and to help them survive to meet their basic needs by making the Ministry of Social Centers effective, especially for orphans who have no one to take care of them," Risma said.

Next year, the Ministry of Social Affairs will propose assistance for all orphans. The Ministry of Social Affairs emphasizes in distributing aid for their economic independence.

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