Dark Circles or Soggy Eyes Can Be Treated Using These Tips

Saturday, 03-July-2021 10:25

Image : Pxfuel

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - No matter how beautiful your face is, the visible dark circles under your eyes can affect how you look and make you appear tired. However, treating the dark circles can be easy and not too complicated.

Health and skincare expert dr. Fauzia S. Landjono, SpKK said there are two causes of dark circles under the eyes. The first cause is heredity. That is, the person is genetically prone to dark circles, and therefore, these circles cannot be eliminated, but can be disguised.

The second cause is daily habits. Dark circles can occur due to lack of sleep, work fatigue, and irregular eating patterns, among others.

Here are some tips to eliminate dark circles under your eyes:

1. Use eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid that can prevent dryness around the eyes. Apply eye cream to areas under the eyes while doing circular massage movements around the eyes as many as six times. Choose an eye cream approved by the Ministry of Health, or consult with your doctor to prescribe you a safe eye cream.

2. Apply slices of cucumber and tomatoes on and under your eyes for 15 minutes. Natural ingredients like cucumbers and tomatoes can reduce dark circles.

3. Apply ice cubes. Wrap ice cubes with a clean cotton cloth, then apply to both eyes for 10 minutes after waking up or before you start your day.

4. Maintain healthy daily habits. Sleep well and eat nutritious food.

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