Death Toll from Zhengzhou Flood Rises to 25, 7 Still Missing

Wednesday, 21-July-2021 23:10

Several people walk through heavily inundated street in Zhengzhou
Image : ANTARA FOTO/China Daily via REUTERS/wsj
Several people walk through heavily inundated street in Zhengzhou

BEIJING, NETRALNEWS.COM - The death toll from the flood disaster in Zhengzhou City, China, has risen to 25 people, seven missing people have not yet been found as of Wednesday (07/21/2021).

Previously, 12 people died and five others were injured when an underground station in the capital city of Henan was flooded on Tuesday (07/20).

About 1.24 million people in the province in the central region of mainland China have been affected by the worst flood disaster in a decade.

East Zhengzhou Station, which normally sees more than 600 train schedules a day, is still paralyzed by water and silt, according to the Global Times.

Several passengers who had been trapped at the station were evacuated to a safe place.

Station officers distributed food and drinks to several passengers who were still stuck at the station.

There is no electricity in several locations, so the signaling system at several stations have not functioned.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday instructed authorities at all levels to prioritize the safety of citizens.

He also asked all parties to make efforts to prevent flooding and minimize casualties and property losses.

"The People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force should actively assist local governments in carrying out emergency response measures," said the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), who also oversees the Central Military Commission (CMC), as reported by Antara.

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