Did You Know That Retiring Early Can Prolong Your Life?

Monday, 05-July-2021 19:10

illustration: a man is walking while enjoying open nature.
Image : Wikimedia
illustration: a man is walking while enjoying open nature.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Did you know that retiring early may prolong your life? Well, according to research at Boeing Aerospace, the earlier an employee retires, the more they will have longevity. On the contrary, the older you are when you retired, the sooner the death comes.

According to the writings summarized from the paper Optimum Strategies for Creativity and Longevity by Sing Lin Ph.D of National Taiwan University, this is because those who retire earlier have more opportunities to take advantage of their old age. 

Sing Lin said the main requirement to live longer after retirement is that we should be able to stay on the income but be happy to do so without the burden of great pressure.

According to Sing Lin, when someone retires at the age of 50 years for example, they will have many opportunities to take on entrepreneurship and enjoy life of old age. 

In addition, those who retire early have more opportunities to make friends with relatives and family. Not only that, early retirement will create more opportunities for social life and more opportunities to exercise.

However, when a person retires at the age of 70 after all their energy and thoughts are put into work, they no longer have the opportunity to earn money after retirement that can be used to continue their creativity to further improve their life.

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