Doctor Warns of Reccuring Headaches with Frequent Intensity

Thursday, 09-September-2021 22:00

illustration: a woman with a headache
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illustration: a woman with a headache

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Do you often experience dizziness and headaches? If so, the situation certainly interferes with your daily work and activities. Dizziness and headaches make those who experience it become unfocused on the activities they are undergoing, and this also has an impact on work.

Internal Medicine Specialist and Educator, Dr. Decsa Medika Hertanto SpPD, urges the public to be vigilant if they experience recurring dizziness and with frequent intensity. Such a situation can be a signal of disease. Those who have co-morbid diseases are advised to be more careful.

"So What is the sign of frequent dizziness? Dizziness, or commonly called a headache, is one of ways our body signals of a problem. It is usually related to muscle problems around the head, nerve disorders, or lack of blood supply to the brain," explained Dr. Decsa, on Thursday (09/09/2021).

There are many causes of dizziness, it could be because there are problems around the head or other problems outside the head. This condition is usually divided into primary headaches and secondary headaches.

The types of primary headaches include Tension Type Headache, Migraine, and Cluster Headache. While secondary headaches include Stroke, Severe Hypertension, Infection, Brain Tumor, Sinusitis, and excessive use of pain medication.

As quoted from Pocket Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, headaches that often occur are primary headaches, which is about 90 percent in the world. The dominant headaches are Tension Type Headache, Migraine and lastly Cluster Headache. While secondary headaches are related to the underlying disease, make up about 10 percent.

Headaches that should be of particular concern are secondary types of headaches, as this type of headache is a sign of a dangerous disease.

"The signs are fever, weight loss, old age, history of drugs, weakness in half of the body and severe head pain. We recommend that if there are symptoms of headaches with the signs that have been mentioned, get checked by a doctor as soon as possible," Decsa said.

Furthermore, Dr. Decsa also forbids people who experience such signs from getting and consuming drugs by themselves without consulting with doctors. It could be that the headache that experienced is an episode of a more severe illness. 

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