Five Reasons Why You May be Having Chronic Cough

Thursday, 23-September-2021 19:00

illustration: a woman coughing
Image : Pixabay/Anastasia Gepp
illustration: a woman coughing

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Coughing can affect anyone, and it’s usually affects anyone who are also coming down with flu.

However, if the cough continues and does not subside for six weeks, then it could be called chronic cough.

The best way to overcome chronic cough is to know the cause and then overcome the causes.

However, it would be better to prevent coughs from becoming chronic. Here are some possible causes of chronic cough in addition to infection:

1) Smoking.

2) Suffer from allergies, including seasonal allergies or allergies to animals, plants, vapors, smoke, or dust.

3) Drinking drugs that can trigger a cough such as anti-hypertensive drugs.

4) Have uncontrolled asthma.

5) Suffer chronic gastritis.

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