IPB University Students Develop Eco-Friendly Ice Cream

Thursday, 24-June-2021 15:00

illustration: ice cream cones.
Image : Flickr/Timothy Takemoto
illustration: ice cream cones.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - A team of IPB University students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has developed environmentally friendly ice cream within the scope of the Climato.inc movement, in response to the issue of climate change.

According to IPB University's official statement received in Jakarta on Thursday (06/24/2021), the student team consisted of Iswatun Annas, Melani Laela Lestari, Milkah Royna, Phidju Marrin Sagala, and Zahra Amani, who were participants in the 2021 Youth Leadership Camp for Climate Change (YLCCC).

The Climato movement itself aims to provide knowledge and ideas to the public to be more sensitive to climate change that is already happening.

"Climato realizes the importance of the current food system which must be healthy, nutritious for the body, but also have environmental sustainability. Climato ice cream has a low carbon footprint value. This is directly related to the process which is also smart climate," said Iswatun Annas.

The initial idea was that they were creative in making eco-friendly ice cream that carried a mission of goodness for health and the environment at the same time. The program also supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At the beginning of the movement, Iswatun and his team made fresh Ice Cream Climato from bananas that were given to children in Babakan Lebak, Bogor. In addition, they also conveyed the importance of environmentally friendly food that can be processed into various types of interesting food.

According to Zahra Amani, a member of the Equinox YLCCC 2021 team, ice cream has a lot of fans, so they make it a strategic step in connecting food with climate change that is happening.

"When it's hotter, people eat more ice cream. This is also in accordance with the condition that if it gets hotter, the ice cream will melt. This event is also an analogy for melting ice at the poles when Earth is getting warmer, causing climate change in the world. Ice cream becomes an analogy product that can also educate the public that Earth is heating up," Zahra said.

However, Zahra explained that on the other hand, there is still hope to take climate change mitigation measures that pay more attention to the environment.

She further said that Climato is expected to be the initiator and carrier of change that the food can be more environmentally friendly and low in carbon footprint. That is by using local food sources and also educating the public to be more sensitive to the surrounding environment.

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