Jakarta Governor Urges Residents Not to Delay Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

Monday, 26-July-2021 20:50

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan inspects a vaccination center
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Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan inspects a vaccination center

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has urged residents of the capital not to delay taking vaccination to support the momentum for improvement, after active and positive cases of COVID-19 began to decline when the government made various efforts, including through PPKM public activity restrictions.

"It is very important for all of us to continue. Let's continue this momentum of improvement," Anies said in Jakarta, on Monday (07/26/2021).

Anies explained that although vaccination does not 100% prevent death, vaccination can reduce the risk of severity and death from COVID-19.

"The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the risk level. We are seeing reports in the ground that vaccination reduces the risk of fatality significantly," he said.

The Jakarta Provincial Government noted that based on data this Monday as of 10:00, the first dose of vaccination in Jakarta had been given to 7.09 million people.

The percentage of the first dose of vaccination has reached 80.5 percent of the total vaccination target in Jakarta, or reaching 8.81 million people. Meanwhile, the vaccination target until August 17, 2021 in Jakarta reaches 7.5 million people.

Meanwhile, as many as 2.23 million other people have received the second dose of vaccination, or at 25.4 percent of the target of 8.81 million.

To take part in the vaccinations, residents in Jakarta can register via the Jakarta Kini (Jaki) application or visit the COVID-19 vaccination centers.

Not only that, the Jakarta Provincial Government is supported by relevant agencies and volunteers to deploy mobile vaccination cars that reach densely populated locations to accelerate vaccination.

Information on vaccination procurement is also updated through a number of information channels managed by the Jakarta Provincial Government every day, including through the social media of the Jakarta Provincial Government, the Jakarta Health Office, community health centers, and sub-district and suburban offices.

Since the implementation of restrictions on community activities until now entering the PPKM adjustment period, active and positive cases in Jakarta have begun to decline.

Anies explained that active cases (treated and undergoing isolation) decreased to 64,000 cases on Sunday (07/25) after previously touching as many as 113,000 active cases on July 16, 2021.

Other parameters also decreased, including the average positivity rate, which was originally around 45 percent and is now around 25 percent.

In addition, funerals with COVID-19 protocols that had reached more than 350 a day have now fallen below 200 per day, and so have the pressure and queues at health facilities starting to unravel.

Even so, Anies asked Jakarta residents not to be careless and not slack in implementing health protocols, as reported by Antara.

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