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Academician Gives Social Affairs MInister Tri Rismaharini's Performance a Score of 8.5

Senin, 01-November-2021 19:00

Surokim Abdusalam, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences at Universitas Trunojoyo Madura
Foto : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Surokim Abdusalam, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences at Universitas Trunojoyo Madura

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Passing the one-year mark as Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini has received appreciation from various parties. They considered that the performance of the Minister of Social Affairs was very satisfactory, in line with the various breakthroughs and innovations that had been made.

Appreciation does not only come from politicians, community leaders, but also from the education sector. Dean of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences at Universitas Trunojoyo Madura, Surokim Abdusalam, assessed that the performance of Social Affairs MinisterTri Rismaharini was very satisfactory.

"Compared to the performance of the current cabinet, I think Mrs. Risma deserves a score of 8.5," said Surokim in Madura, on Monday (11/01/2021).

It is not without reason that the assessment was given by Surokim. He saw that within about a year, the policies that Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, had rolled out had touched strategic areas.

According to Surokim, the task of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the field of social security during a pandemic is not easy. Speed ​​is needed to distribute social assistance, while the accuracy of recipient data is still not optimal.

“Therefore, Social Affairs Minister Risma's efforts to improve poverty data are not only on the track, but also progressive. Improving poverty data is not an easy matter," he said.

Apart from being carried out in a pandemic atmosphere, the improvement of the data also covers poor families who live in all corners of the country with a wide geographical landscape and full of natural challenges. The complexity is increasing because in addition to the large amount of data, it also requires the involvement of other agencies, in this case the local governments, which incidentally, are not under the authority of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

“So indeed improving the quality of data will be difficult to achieve if it is done only with an administrative approach. Now, the Minister of Social Affairs solves this complexity by strengthening technology support," Surokim said.

On the other hand, the problem of distributing social assistance is no less complicated. The state budget that is already in the banking system cannot simply be channeled to aid recipients for various reasons. For various reasons, the number of social assistance recipients who have not received assistance can be in the hundreds to thousands in some areas.

The director of the Surabaya Survey Center (SCC) Institute can understand the concern of the Minister of Social Affairs when he visited the area and witnessed problems in the distribution of social assistance.

"This must be understood from the character of the leader who protects and sided with the interests of the poor during the pandemic," he said.

In line with Surokim's statement, Chairman of Commission VIII at the House of Representatives, Yandri Susanto, also felt the Social Affairs Minister's hard work in overcoming the impact of the pandemic. Yandri witnessed that during his visits to the regions, the Minister of Social Affairs almost always took the time to ensure that the aid was immediately distributed to the beneficiaries.

This can be seen from the data matching activities carried out by the Minister of Social Affairs by involving a number of stakeholders. With his leadership style, the Minister of Social Affairs does not hesitate to show a firm attitude. Yandri did not question the Social Minister's leadership style.

"If I'm comfortable. What Mrs. Risma does is solely for data improvement. We know data is a crucial issue. Mrs. Risma is working hard to improve data, so that tens of millions of poor people can receive assistance,” Yandri said in a talk program on a television station some time ago.

On the other hand, Yandri sees that improvements must be made to stakeholders. Yandri saw that a number of areas had been visited by the Minister of Social Affairs and found that the data was problematic, so the Minister of Social Affairs showed his reaction. "I'm sure that if all the data is good, it's impossible for Mrs. Risma to be angry," said this member of the PAN faction.

Yandri paid attention to the Social Minister's program, namely compensation for orphans affected by the pandemic. He asked stakeholders, namely the local government to the RT/RW level, and the assistants not to mess with the data.

“At that lower level, let's fix the data. Do not play around. I think if this is done, it will be fine," he said.

Yandri appreciates that the responsiveness of the Minister of Social Affairs can not only be seen from the quick response in every case handling.

However, in coordination with legislators in the WhatsApp group forum, the Minister of Social Affairs is also considered to be quick to respond.

"We in Commission VIII have a group with Mrs. Risma. If there is a WA at 2 am, Mrs. Risma still responds, you know," he said.

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