Social Affairs Ministry Appreciates National Police for Arresting Hoax Spreader

Monday, 19-July-2021 20:25

Social Affairs Ministry Appreciates National Police for Arresting Hoax Spreader
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry Appreciates National Police for Arresting Hoax Spreader

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - At the direction of Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, the Ministry of Social Affairs carried out legal proceedings against the perpetrator of spreading hoaxes on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Based on the Ministry of Social's report, the Jakarta Metro Police has managed to arrest the perpetrator.

The Ministry of Social Affairs expressed gratitude and highest appreciation to the Jakarta Metro Police who were able to swiftly arrest the perpetrator of the website maker https://subsidippkm.online. The police's firm move is a response to the Ministry of Social Affairs' report on the spreading of fake news (hoax) by the site last week.

"We express our gratitude and fully support the quick and firm response of the National Police who are taking steps to enforce the law by arresting the perpetrator. Hopefully, the law enforcement's measures will have a deterrent effect on perpetrator and other people from taking similar actions," said Head of the Public Relations Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Hasim, in Jakarta, on Monday (07/19/2021).

Through the link https://subsidippkm.online/pembagi-subsidi/?PPKMjuli#1625647777785 , this site circulated a chain message containing the IDR300,000 PPKM social assistance registration form by answering several questions. Through a form with the logo of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the registrant is asked to share it with friends via the WhatsApp application which will then receive a confirmation via SMS.

"The message is a hoax. The Ministry of Social Affairs has never created a website for registration of recipients of IDR300,000 social assistance, especially in the form of chain messages," said Hasim.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has produced messages containing denials that the chain messages are lies or hoaxes through the ministry's official accounts. However, in its development, rebuttal to false news is not enough.

To that end, the Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Legal Bureau, made an official report to the Jakarta Metro Police on Thursday (07/08/2021). Through a press conference, the Head of Public Relations of Jakarta Metro Police Yusri Yunus said the perpetrator had been conducting the crime since November 2020. From his actions, the perpetrator made a profit from advertising of around IDR1.5 billion.

"The perpetrator is subjected to Article 35 in conjunction with Article 51 of the Electronic Information and Transaction Law with a threat of 12 years in prison," said Yusri.

Reports to law enforcement are carried out with consideration that the content is considered to have defamed the Ministry of Social Affairs, which is currently receiving an assignment in the field of social protection for people affected by the pandemic.

"All the energy and focus of the state's attention, including the Ministry of Social Affairs, are now being directed to help ease the burden on people affected by the pandemic. The content is very disturbing and harms the hard efforts in handling the pandemic because it is disturbing and disrupts public trust in the government," he said.

Hasim appealed to the public not to play around by providing hoax information, especially related to Social Assistance. In the midst of an emergency, people really need help because they may lose their income or lose their jobs.

"Then there are those who play on the public's expectations with fake news. I think this is very disgraceful. The actions of the perpetrators have harmed our collective efforts in the fight against the pandemic and our hard work has eased the burden on society," said Hasim.

The public is expected not to be easily tempted and believe in various information that develops, especially in the realm of cyberspace.

"If anyone wants to ask for clarity, they can access the official government information channel, they can open the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs or through the website https://cekbansos.kemensos.go.id/," he said.

As an effort to handle the impact of the pandemic, the government through the National Economic Recovery (PEN) provides social protection, one of which is in the form of Cash Social Assistance (BST) to 10 million Beneficiary Families (KPM). Since April 2020, the Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed BST worth IDR300,000/month through PT Pos Indonesia.

For 2021, BST is distributed from January to April. Then BST was added by two months, namely May and June which were distributed simultaneously in July. The BST recipients are families registered in the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS) proposed by the local government, from the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Social Affairs, from social welfare institutions or from legal entities.

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