Social Affairs Ministry Maintains Quality and Price of Food Social Aid Components

Thursday, 29-July-2021 09:10

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini inspects a warehouse for social aid distribution.
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini inspects a warehouse for social aid distribution.

PURWAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian government has distributed social assistance to reduce the economic burden on the public during an emergency. The directive of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini given to the Ministry's staff is to ensure that assistance to the communities affected by the pandemic is received according to the provisions.

To follow up on the Minister of Social Affairs' directive, Director General for Handling the Poor (PFM) Asep Sasa Purnama explained that the Minister of Social Affairs' visit to a number of areas, including to Purwakarta recently, was to ensure that people affected by the pandemic were well served.

"The Minister of Social Affairs ordered us to check on the ground and ensure that the assistance was right at the price, right in quality, and right on target. So she is firm when it comes to accountability and transparency, including in the distribution of social assistance. Moreover, the social assistance is being waited for by the people affected by the pandemic," Asep said in Purwakarta, in a written statement received by Netralnews, on Thursday (07/29/2021).

The ground checks were continued by the Director General of PFM to ensure that the Beneficiary Receivers (KPM) of the Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT)/Staple Food Program received commodities from the components for KPM at the right price, right quality, and right on target, according to the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs.

On that occasion, the Director General of PFM reviewed E-Warong stalls for the BPNT/Staple Food Program receivers, and acknowledged that there were still some commodity prices that were higher than the Highest Retail Price (HET). "For example, the price of eggs is more than IDR24,000/kg or higher than the HET," continued Asep.

At that time, Asep was accompanied by the Head of the Purwakarta Social Services Office. For information, each KPM of BPNT/Staple Food Program receives assistance with an index of IDR200,000/month.

The BPNT/Staple Food Program receivers is to spend the IDR200,000 in aid to obtain food commodities in the form of rice, eggs, fish, citrus fruits, potatoes and tofu.

"So that commodity prices are in accordance with HET, they will be communicated with the local Industry and Trade Office, so that recipients of the BPNT/Staple Food Program can receive the best quality," said Asep

At one of the E-Warongs managed by Ali Mukti in Legok Barong Village RT 08 RW 04 Pusakamulya Village, Kiara Pedes District, the prices of BPNT components are sold normally and do not exceed HET, namely rice of 10 kg at IDR110,000, eggs at IDR24,000/kg, fish at IDR25,000/kg, citrus fruit at IDR25,000/kg, potatoes at IDR10,000/kg, and tofu at IDR6,000, with total expenditure of IDR200,000.

"To make it easier for BPNT recipients to shop at E-warong, pamphlets will be posted showing the prices of the commodities sold, so that beneficiary receivers get competitive prices compared to market prices," said Asep.

Imas Komalasari, one of the BPNT/Staple Food Program reveicers, said the assistance was very helpful to meet her family's needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and PPKM level 4.

"I thank the Ministry of Social Affairs, especially the Minister of Social Affairs who cares for us. Anyway, I am happy and thank you," said Imas, who lives in Pusakamulya Village.

The District Social Welfare Officer (TKSK) of Kiara Pedes Sub-district, Tendi (43), said that in general there were no serious problems found in E-warong stalls in his area, and the BPNT recipients were satisfied.

"In our area, especially in E-Warong in Kiara Pedes sub-district, no serious problems were found and thank God the BPNT recipients were satisfied and one of them felt by the BPNT recipient, namely Ibu Imas," said the man who joined as TKSK since 2009.

The existence of E-warong in Legok Village has served BPNT beneficiaries for a long time and provides BPNT component goods at good prices and quality and the recipients are right on target.

"Earlier we reported to the Director General, the BPNT beneficiaries here have been right on target and the goods received are in the right quantity and quality, so there are no complaints," said Tendi.

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