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Social Affairs Ministry Responds Quickly in Establishing Social Buffer Stock Center in Trunyan

Senin, 25-Oktober-2021 20:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini conducts a work visit to Bangli.
Foto : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini conducts a work visit to Bangli.

BANGLI, NETRALNEWS.COM - As a follow-up to the directive of Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, the Directorate of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims (PSKBA) at the Ministry of Social Affairs has moved quickly to realize the establishment of a social buffer stock center in Trunyan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency.

The bufferstock preparation process has started today. Acting Director of PSKBA Iyan Kusmadiana said that in line with the conversations from the Trunyan community, the Bangli Regent and the Minister of Social Affairs while visiting this location some time ago, it was calculated that there were eight disaster-prone points that would be prepared with buffer stock.

"We have coordinated further. The regional team is currently conducting a survey to determine the point in question. Meanwhile, five points have been secured," said Iyan in Bangli, on Monday (10/25/2021).

Among the assistance in the delivery process are children's food, mattresses, family kits, family kitchen utensils, blankets, and rubber boats.

Gradually, the delivery of logistical assistance will continue to be encouraged so that it is ready early, in line with the identification process of other disaster-prone points which is also ongoing. Several types of aid were brought in from other areas. "For boats, the available goods are gradually shifted from the Makassar regional warehouse," he continued.

Quoting the Minister of Social's directive, Iyan stated that the establishment of a social granary is intended as an anticipation if at any time a disaster occurs, the residents will still have their food needs met. The social granary will be filled with various logistical needs that are needed by residents in the event of a disaster. These include food and fuel.

To minimize the impact of the disaster, the Ministry of Social Affairs will also set up tents as evacuation points.

"So you don't have to wait for landslides. If it rains heavily, people can save themselves by moving to the tents," said Iyan.

The Minister of Social Affairs and her staff directly observed the impact of the landslide disaster in Trunyan Village (10/18/2021). The Minister of Social Affairs looked closely at the condition of the disaster site and greeted the residents affected by the disaster. The Minister of Social Affairs also provided assistance in the form of logistical assistance, children's food, mattresses, and red mattresses.

Regarding the establishment of a social barn in Trunyan, the Ministry of Social Affairs distributed assistance in the form of 120 packages of children's food, 100 sheets of mattresses, 100 packages of family kits, 100 packages of kids ware, 100 packages of family kitchen utensils, 100 rolls of tents, 25 mattresses, 100 blankets. 5 pieces, 5 pieces of water toren @ 1050 liters, 5 packages of pipe installation, 1,000 kg of rice, and 8 units of rubber boats.

The delivery of aid to Trunyan ran simultaneously with deliveries in other areas, namely Pacitan, Tulungagung, Trenggalek, and Malang. Iyan said, for Pacitan Regency, the process of distributing aid for social granaries has been completed.

"The PSKBA team will meet the Regent of Pacitan and conduct a survey of the suspension bridge construction with the Vertical Rescue Indonesia team," he said.

Vertical Rescue Indonesia has built the first steel rope suspension bridge at Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya Wijaya), the highest peak in Indonesia, one of the seven highest landmasses on earth. Today too, the PSKBA Survey Team has moved to bring logistics to Trenggalek, Malang and Tulungagung Regencies to fill social granaries.

Logistical assistance for Tulungagung, Trenggalek, and Malang consisted of 360 packages of children's food, 300 mattresses, 240 packages of family kit, 240 packages of kids ware, 225 packages of family kitchen utensils, 300 rolls of tents, 150 mattresses, 225 packages of foodware, 45 units of water tower, 45 units of pipe installation, and 4,500 kg of rice.

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