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Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales Rises 25.1 Percent in First Half of 2021

Kamis, 08-Juli-2021 15:10

Mercedes-Berns S Class
Foto : ANTARA/Daimler AG/Mercedes-Benz AG
Mercedes-Berns S Class

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Mercedes-Benz Cars has obtained sales growth of 25.1 percent by delivering 1,182,724 passenger vehicles to customers worldwide in the first half of 2021, as quoted from its official statement, on Thursday (07/08/2021).

In China, Mercedes-Benz broke two new records, namely the highest vehicle shipments in the second quarter (219,059 units, up 5.8 percent) and in the first half of this year (441,579 units, up 27.6 percent).

Double-digit sales growth in the second quarter was also seen in Germany (up 26.3 percent) and the United States (up 38.6 percent).

"High customer interest in Mercedes-Benz vehicle models fueled our double-digit growth in the first half of 2021. The high order volume was supported by the popularity of the New S-Class, plug-in-hybrids, and electric cars, as well as sales from the launching of the C -Class across a wide range of markets," said Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG responsible for Marketing and Sales.

Shipment of plug-in hybrids and electric cars more than quadrupled during the first six months, reaching 121,500 units (up 305 percent). In total, plug-in hybrids and electric cars accounted for 10.3 percent of total Mercedes-Benz Cars sales in the first half of 2021.

Some 39,000 electric vehicles were delivered from January to June (up 291.4 percent), including more than 19,000 units (up 469.4 percent) of the EQA, EQC, and EQV models.

"The positive response we have received regarding the EQS since its world premiere, and our strong electric vehicle sales momentum, is proof that Mercedes-EQ is just beginning its electric success story," said Seeger.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz sales in the Asia Pacific region increased by 26.1 percent from January to June 2021. Mercedes-Benz unit shipments in China set a new record, with total sales of 441,579 units in the first half (up 27.6 percent).

In Europe, the recovery from the COVID-19 situation in various markets resulted in 53.7 percent growth in the second quarter. In Germany, Mercedes-Benz sold 107,269 vehicles from January to June, reaching sales levels above last year (up 1 percent).

Meanwhile, sales in the North America region in the first half reached 182,305 units (up 24.4 percent) with a total of 160,646 passenger cars delivered to customers in the United States (up 26.3 percent), as reported by Antara.

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