Ministry of Social Affairs Distribute Social aid to Orphans in Lampung Province

Friday, 01-October-2021 15:00

Ministry of Social Affairs Distribute Social aid to Orphans in Lampung Province
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs Distribute Social aid to Orphans in Lampung Province

BANDAR LAMPUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - In accordance with the directive of Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini to pay attention to orphans affected by the pandemic, the Ministry of Social Affairs has delivered ATENSI Social Rehabilitation Assistance for orphan in Lampung Province.

The social assistance was delivered symbolically during a work visit by members of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives, on Thursday (09/30/2021).

ATENSI assistance totaling Rp961,561,585 was distributed to beneficiaries in Bandar Lampung City, Tanggamus, Prengsewu, West Coast, Pesawaran, Metro City, East Lampung, and West Lampung.

The assistance includes savings for 628 orphans worth IDR132.6 million, accessibility assistance for 149 people worth IDR337,266,900; basic needs assistance for 51 people worth IDR91,548,500, and entrepreneurship assistance for 165 people worth IDR400,146,185.

In the event, the chairperson of Commission VIII work visit group I Komang Koheri gave motivation and strength to orphans to keep their spirits up, keep learning, and hopefully they can achieve success.

Lutfi (9 years old), a social aid beneficiary in grade 4 elementary school, expressed joy in getting the help that will be used for his education.

"My late father advised me to take care of my mother and sister, also so that I can be circumcised immediately and continue my education at the Islamic Boarding School," said Lutfi.

Meanwhile, Heri (20 years), a person with a physical disability who received assistance in the form of a wheelchair, said that he was happy to receive assistance from the government.

"I am very happy and touched to receive this health wheelchair assistance and hope that in the future I can have a business by being provided with three-wheeled motorbike facilities," said Heri.

Other assistance distributed to Lampung Province consisted of entrepreneurship support for two PKH Graduation KPMs of IDR 2.5 million each; Social Harmony Assistance in the amount of IDR150 million; Social Wisdom Assistance worth IDR 50million; and assistance for the Social Rehabilitation of Uninhabitable Houses (Rutilahu) worth IDR2 billion.

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