Saturday, 31 October 2020 | 14:48 WIB

Limit of Import Duty on Goods Proposed Up to USD2,500 per Person

Illustration: United States Dollar

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The imposition limit of import duty on goods from overseas is proposed to be increased by 10-fold, to USD 2,500 per person and USD10,000 per family.

Deputy Director of the Center for Indonesia Taxis Analysis (CITA) Robert Hutabarat has said that the current limit of import duty, about USD250 per person or USD1,000 per family, is too low.

The limit should be reviewed and revised in line with inflationary developments and adjustments in purchasing power. In addition, this rule was set seven years ago.

"We’ll review the rule when it reach seven years old and see what numbers come out again," Robert said, Wednesday (9/27/2017).

Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on Taxation of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Herman Juwono also requested the increase of the imposition limit of import duty to Indonesia; however he proposed it be doubled to USD500 per person.

Implementation of this import duty ai an effort of the Indonesian government, especially the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to enforce the law .

"It is already set up from 2010. There were cigarette, liquor, it's time for enforcement," Herman said.

He also expected that people can obey and deal with this rule fairly and wisely.

"Because now is the social media era, then it’s viral. So how does this (the imposition of customs duties) be socialized to the public, it should be easy," he said.