Friday, 30 October 2020 | 20:58 WIB

BI: Cash Needs for Eid Reaches IDR188 Trillion

Bank Indonesia

JAKARTA, NNC - Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Rosmaya Hadi said in Jakarta on Wednesday (5/23/2018), ahead of Eid of this year, the national need for cash is estimated to increase 15.3 percent to IDR188.2 trillion compared to the 2017 period of IDR163.2 trillion.

To anticipate this, Bank Indonesia is implementing three strategies in serving the need for cash. First, increasing distribution and supply of cash at Head Offices and Representative Offices. Second, improving cash services to stakeholders; and third, the cooperation of exchange services with banking and other parties.

In the midst of the increasing demand for cash, BI also seeks to integrate cash and non-cash services in order to realize cashless society.

In terms of payment system, BI will take three strategies, firstly, to conduct testing of all infrastructures in order to ensure safe, smooth and efficient payment system implementations especially if there is an increase of transaction volume during Ramadan and Eid.

Second, coordinate with Bank Indonesia Payment System participants and other authorities to ensure optimum payment system activities.

Third, ensuring the industry's readiness to provide safe, reliable and efficient payment systems, particularly the reliability of transaction systems and top ups of electronic money on toll roads.

"With regard to the use of non-cash transactions through card-based payment instruments, BI urges the public to keep their PIN confidential and pay attention to security when conducting transactions," she said.