Wednesday, 21 October 2020 | 12:09 WIB

Controlling Garlic Pests, Agriculture Ministry Asks Farmers to Utilize This Method

Using yellow sticky traps

JAKARTA, NNC -- Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman instructed the acceleration of garlic planting to pursue self-sufficiency in 2021. In order to increase productivity, in addition to using superior quality seeds, farmers must use yellow sticky traps to control pests.

"Yellow sticky traps have proven to be effective in reducing pesticide use because they are able to catch pests faster, cheaper and certainly more environmentally friendly", said Director of Vegetables and Medicinal Plants, Prihasto Setyanto, while visiting the garlic area as a result of the collaboration of the Regek Farmers Group with garlic importer PT Citra Gemini Mulya, in Sutopati Village, Kajoran Subdistrict, Magelang Regency, Saturday (9/8/2018).

Prihasto explained the yellow sticky traps are made of yellow plastic coated with glue to catch insects.

"Making it is easy and cheap, just prepare a yellow plastic measuring 15x21.5 cm which is coated with clear plastic and smeared with mouse glue. Install it with bamboo pole. One hectare is ideally installed with 40 traps," Prihasto said.

According to Prihasto, the Ministry of Agriculture encourages the entire development of garlic, both through the State Budget, self-help and partnership with importers, to be able to apply these simple and appropriate technologies. "We do not want the program towards self-sufficiency in garlic to fail due to control of pests and diseases that are careless or not environmentally friendly," he said.

Contacted separately, the Director of Horticulture Protection, Sri "Yanti" Wijayanti Yusuf, confirmed the use of yellow sticky traps can help reduce pests and pesticide use.

"Each species of pests, insects has a different interest in the color of the sticky traps. Yellow sticky traps are effective for reducing the population of Liriomyza leafminer fly, fruit flies, whitefly, aphids and thrips," said Yanti.

"Sticky traps installed in the planting area can be used as a means of monitoring the population of insect, pests," she added.

Kabul, Chairman of the Regek Garlic farmer group, said that using yellow sticky traps was very helpful in suppressing pest attacks.

"Our experience, the use of yellow sticky traps can reduce the use of pesticides by 10 to 20 percent," said Kabul.

"With yellow sticky traps, we can know the level of pest attack, especially fleas and insects. From there we can measure the use of pesticides which is reasonable. So it is not overdose and harmful to the environment. I promise to disseminate this to all members," concluded Kabul.