Saturday, 06 March 2021 | 00:29 WIB

BCA Wins Four Awards in Indonesia Banking Award 2018

BCA Wins Four Awards in Indonesia Banking Award 2018

JAKARTA, NNC - The hard work and efforts of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (IDX:BBCA) or BCA in providing the best service for customers again yielded brilliant results which were embodied in the 2018 Indonesia Banking Award.

BCA reaffirmed its position as the mainstay bank amid community by successfully receiving four awards at once, including The Most Efficient Bank, The Most Reliable Bank, The Best Parenting Bank, and Best Bank in Productivity in the Sharia Commercial Bank category.

Present at the awarding evening of 2018 Indonesia Banking Award were Executive Vice President, Service Operations Strategy & Development of BCA Lilik Winarni, Executive Vice President Group Digital Innovation Solutions of BCA Jayaprawirya Diah and Executive Vice President Risk Management of BCA Eduard Guntoro Purba in Jakarta.

Lilik revealed that the award entrusted to BCA that evening "is truly a motivation and reference for us to further spur ourselves to provide maximum service to loyal customers."

"This achievement is produced not from the individual's struggle, but we believe that the support of BCA's management is encouraging us to be better and trust the customers who always entrust BCA to serve their financial services needs," explained Lilik.

Indonesia Banking Award (IBA) is a program to award the best banks in Indonesia from various categories. IBA is an annual event since 2008 which was held in collaboration with PT Tempo Media and Indonesia Banking School (IBS).

This award is held so that banks in Indonesia continue to grow and innovate in providing quality financial services from all aspects to the community.

This time, BCA won four awards at once, namely The Most Efficient Bank, with the criteria of banks that have the best and most efficient financial performance. The Most Reliable Bank, with the criteria of a bank that displays reliable performance and has consistency in facing economic and monetary challenges.

The Best Parenting Bank, with the criteria of a bank that has a role in forming various subsidiaries and successfully making its subsidiary grow so that it grows together and the Best Bank in Productivity category of Sharia Commercial Banks.

"We thank all parties who appreciate every element of our performance. Appreciation for BCA companies and individuals is a trigger for our enthusiasm to continue to work from time to time to provide the best and leading treats in the financial field. BCA, as a bank that is attached to the community, will continue to be passionate to keep up with the times while meeting the needs of customers through our best products and services," concluded Lilik.