Monday, 23 September 2019 | 01:07 WIB

Agriculture Minister Initiates Indonesian Farmers Internship Program to Taiwan

Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman when visiting Taiwan.

JAKARTA, NNC - Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran is very serious in promoting the use of modern technology and innovative agricultural human resources. This aims to accelerate agricultural development which not only has an impact on increasing production, but also the realization of food sovereignty and the welfare of farmers.

To realize this, the Minister of Agriculture Amran made a working visit to Taiwan which took place on October 9, 2018. Minister Amran was directly received by the Minister of Agriculture of Taiwan, Mr. Tsung-Hsien Lin.

The Ministry of Agriculture's visit to Taiwan has produced results to build a young generation of agriculture who understand modern and innovative agricultural technology. Indonesia and Taiwan agreed to cooperate in the Indonesian Farmers Internship Program in Taiwan.

"We held an informal meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Taiwan. Taiwan offers an internship program that provides opportunities for Indonesian farmers to study modern farming systems directly from Taiwanese farmers," Amran said in Jakarta on Sunday (10/14/2018).

Amran said that this collaboration was very strategic to support the Ministry of Agriculture's program in creating innovative agricultural human resources, because without human resources and technology, it is impossible for the agricultural sector to advance and for Indonesia to become the world's food base.

"The Terms of Reference for the implementation of the internship program will be discussed intensively by both parties. In the near future, it is hoped that the first stage apprenticeship program can be realized for 40 Indonesian farmers," he said.

Furthermore Amran said that the internship program would continue to be expanded in the future including an internship program in order to increase the capacity of Indonesian human resources for the development of the sugar industry. Prospective workers, both in the onfarm sector and the downstream sector, will also obtain internship in Taiwan.

A visit to Taiwan also discussed Taiwan's investment commitment to developing the Indonesian sugar industry amounting to IDR20 trillion, opening the Indonesian mangosteen export market to Taiwan, and collaborating on the Development of Rain Water Harvesting System.

"This is a form of commitment to strengthening partnerships that are mutually beneficial between the two parties," concluded Amran.