Tuesday, 19 November 2019 | 14:10 WIB

BCA Offers to Open Savings Account Without Savings Book

Bank BCA

JAKARTA, NNC - The rapid growth of digital technology and development brought changes in various sectors, including the banking sector. Now, financial technology innovation is not only centered on internal banking, but also penetrates the customer or consumer side. This is what drives PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) as a flagship bank to continue to innovate to create customer comfort and satisfaction in financial transactions.

This innovation began to be implemented by BCA in a simple way, which is giving customers the option to open a Tahapan BCA account without a book. Customers who want to open a Tahapan BCA account are given the option to only have a debit card, without an account book. Previously, customers who opened Tahapan BCA accounts will automatically be given an account book and debit card.

"This choice is certainly very suitable for customers who prioritize practicality in managing funds and transacting. Customers can still access account information through KlikBCA Individual or BCA mobile. You can even download e-Statements via KlikBCA Individuals that store customer mutation data for the past 24 months. While on BCA mobile, the account mutation that can be viewed is a maximum of 31 days period," BCA Senior Vice President of Transaction Banking Business Development, I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya, said recently.

The simplicity of accessing accounts can also be enjoyed by utilizing the VIRA service, or BCA Virtual Assistant Chat Banking which can be accessed through several popular chat apps such as Kaskus Chat, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and Google Assistance. Through VIRA, you can perform transactions such as balance check, account transfer check, credit card info, and administration as well as information on BCA promotional programs.

"The digitalisation of banking is a necessity in the midst of massive technological innovations that are moving rapidly. Therefore, BCA strives to provide services that allow customers to access services freely, without having to come to branch offices. In addition, service quality of products and services are also a priority for BCA, which we continue to maintain every day,” I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya said.