Wednesday, 28 October 2020 | 04:16 WIB

REI Mandiri Property Expo 2018 Opens in Jakarta

REI Mandiri Property Expo 2018 Opens in Jakarta (shutterstock)

JAKARTA, NNC - The REI Mandiri Property Expo 2018 exhibition which took place in the Hall A Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, not only presents housing projects in the Greater Jakarta area, but also in various other regions in Indonesia.

The exhibitor developers offer their property projects in West Java, Central Java, Bali and others. This shows that the growth of the property sector is still ongoing, especially medium-scale housing projects.
"Developers who are under Real Estate Indonesia are still committed to presenting livable housing projects for the people of Indonesia. Most of our members are developers in the middle class. At present, it is precisely the middle class that is the driver of the property sector, "said Soelaeman Soemawinata, General Chair of Indonesian Real Estate (REI).

According to Soelaeman, the presence of various housing projects at the exhibition this time provides many choices for visitors to have their dream home.
Meanwhile, the convenience of owning a house at this exhibition was also provided by Bank Mandiri through the Millennial Mortgage program aimed at young people aged between 21 - 45 years.

In line with the presence of housing development projects in various regions, the Bank Mandiri KPR Millennial program is also present in various cities in Indonesia.

Some of the benefits offered by the Millennial Mortgage include minor installments, without DP, a tenor of up to 30 years, a higher limit and a fixed interest rate of 5 years. Bank Mandiri also provides various other facilities for Bank Mandiri customers who apply for Millennial Mortgages.
Carrying the theme 'Dream Home Become Reality', the REI Mandiri Property Expo 2018 exhibition is intended to provide convenience for young people to own a home.

Since the first day, this exhibition has been visited by young couples who want to own their own homes, especially in the suburbs of Jakarta. Jakarta's edge area is an option because the price is still quite affordable and the presence of various public transportation development projects near the residential area.
The concept of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is one of the references for developers to build housing projects in the suburbs of Jakarta. TOD is a development concept that brings residential areas closer to public transportation facilities such as terminals and stations where people can switch from one mode of transportation to another mode quickly and effectively.

In Jakarta, it is planned that there will be five integrated transit areas, namely at Lebak Bulus Station, Fatmawati Station, Cipete Area, Blok M Region, and Dukuh Atas Station.

Besides Jakarta, Cirebon, Semarang, Solo, and Malang, it is also rumored that it will have a TOD area. All of this development is expected to be able to encourage the growth of the property sector in Indonesia.
The REI Mandiri Property Expo 2018 exhibition is a form of the DPP Real Estate Indonesia's commitment to advance the property industry in Indonesia.

Solaeman added, REI hopes that the synergy between the government, developers and the banking industry will continue to run closely in order to realize a livable housing program for the people of Indonesia, especially the lower middle class.