Sunday, 31 May 2020 | 16:26 WIB

Market Revitalization Can Increase Regional Revenues

Market Revitalization Can Increase Regional Revenues (kilasdepok)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Amid the decline in exports, the stretch of the people's economy is becoming a new hope domestically. The market revitalization program that is being intensified by the government is considered to have a good impact, not only in increasing market turnover, but also increasing local revenue.

Economist from Universitas Brawijaya Candra Fajri Ananda said market revitalization could increase regional revenues due to an increase in tax levies. This increase in retribution occurs because market management has been more organized, in addition to increasing economic activity due to increased market capacity.

"Regional taxes will definitely increase. If the traditional market is revitalized, they will definitely have market retribution. In general, regional taxes will definitely go up. All will benefit," Ananda said.

Not only the area, Candra added, the market revitalization is believed to also make the turnover of the places of sale increase. No doubt this will also improve the economy of the community.

He added, even though it was good, it still needed more effort to be able to make the people's market able to compete with modern markets made by corporations. However, in terms of management and supply, modern markets that have a single management are superior to the people's market which consists of many kiosk managers.

The market manager's positive impact on the region from the existence of revitalized markets was also recognized. The manager of Purbolinggo People's Market, East Lampung, Budi Hariyanto assessed that market revitalization has had a positive impact on the economy in the region. This not only comes from the increasing quality of market services, but also from the management management side.

To note, in the revitalization carried out since 2016, the Purbolinggo People's Market has built 96 kiosks for traders. This revitalization is planned to be carried out again this year with the target of adding 70 kiosks. "With a different look, the visitors are increasing by about 20-30%. This is an addition to consumers," said Budi.

He said, the increase in consumer market was achieved thanks to the improvement in the quality of market services both in terms of cleanliness and comfort, one of which was the presence of drainage.

In addition, the management of the market revitalization was also felt by the management, where the management of levies became clearer, ranging from store levies to waste levies. This better management of retribution plays a major role in pursuing the Regional Revenues (PAD) target set by the regional government.

Likewise, the manager of Gunung Sari Market, Cirebon City, Edi Mahdi said market revitalization brought positive changes towards the quality of market services, one of which was cleanliness.

Edi's office has partnered with traders to jointly pay attention to the problems of kiosk cleanliness and the environment around the market. This is one of them by curbing waste disposal activities.