Saturday, 28 November 2020 | 00:56 WIB

BNI Disburses People’s Small Loans of IDR284 Billion to Indonesian Migrant Workers

BNI Disburses People's Small Loans of IDR284 Billion to Indonesian Migrant Workers (theinstapic)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (IDX:BBNI), also known as BNI, from 2015 to February 2019 has distributed People's Business Loans or Small Loans (KUR) to more than 15,000 Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI). The KUR value was channeled in the amount of IDR 284.29 billion. KUR for PMIs is channeled to four countries, namely Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Meanwhile, BNI Tokyo again held an entrepreneurship seminar in Tokyo. The General Manager of BNI Tokyo, Ario Bimo, said that the momentum of sharing carried out in the 'We Together with BNI' program aims to provide participants with the independence to be able to manage their finances, and create a business field after returning to Indonesia.

"Our program with BNI aims to reach workers or Indonesian citizens who currently reside abroad, especially countries where BNI branch offices operate," he said in a press release on Monday (03/18/2019).

He said, the number of Indonesian citizens in Japan is approximately 45,000 people and most of them will return to Indonesia. As a government bank currently operating in Japan, BNI Tokyo actively shares information about entrepreneurship for Indonesian workers in Japan.

"This is intended to return to Indonesia, they are able to create jobs and contribute to the improvement of the Indonesian economy," Ario said.

According to him, the PMI seminar participants received additional information about entrepreneurship and business management through the KUR program for PMI which was also provided by BNI.

"Through this explanation, PMI gained broader insights regarding the attitude of an entrepreneur, as well as how to manage the business in accordance with the field of entrepreneurship that is in demand," he explained in a one-day seminar held in Tokyo.

The speakers were Umar Hamdan and Asriyadi Cahyadi, who are migrant workers who have successfully become entrepreneurs. They struggled to live in the overseas country from the bottom. Umar Hamdan is now successful as President Director of PT Denki Engineering and Commissioner of PT Techno Ryowa Engineering (Subsidiary of Ryowa Techno Ltd. Japan).

Their testimony is transmitted to Indonesian Migrant Workers in Sakura Country. The momentum of sharing implemented in our program with BNI is an entrepreneurship education program for PMIs, both those who are still actively working abroad and those who have retired and returned to Indonesia.

Capitalizing on his experience while working on an internship and his ability to speak Japanese, Umar pioneered his business to finally be trusted to work on the electrical system in the MRT Project in Jakarta. Asriyadi Cahyadi is now the Chair of the Osaka IKAPEKSI and the owner of the company Miyako Setsubi Kogyou.

Asriyadi is an Indonesian citizen who successfully built PVC forming and welding businesses in Osaka. Starting from working in an internship in Japan, Asriyadi saw opportunities to develop businesses.

Capitalizing on experience during work internships and their ability to speak Japanese, Asriyadi pioneered his business until finally being trusted to work on dirty air suction products for aircraft manufacturing plants.