Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:49 WIB

Indonesia Set to Gradually Replace Coal with New Renewable Energy

Indonesia Set to Gradually Replace Coal with New Renewable Energy (stikom)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian government is committed to using renewable energy sources that are more environmentally friendly. The commitment is contained in the General Plan of National Energy that states that in 2025 the national energy mix will use 23% of renewable energy-based energy sources.

The process of transferring the use of fossil-based energy sources to new renewable energy (EBT) in Indonesia according to the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arcandra Tahar requires time, as also happens in European countries and China (China). In time fossil-based energy sources will be replaced by renewable energy sources.

"Our national coal production is around 480 million tons, 20-25 percent of which is for domestic needs, most of which is used as fuel for steam power plants. More than 50 percent of our plants are still using coal, in 2025 inshaa Allah 23% of our energy sources come from renewable energy, the rest is gas and fuel, "Arcandra said while giving a public lecture at the University of Riau.

Utilizing renewable energy sources is a must, no longer a choice. "We don't have the freedom to choose. We don't have any freedom to say we have another source of energy. This is not nice to have anymore, but need to have. Renewable energy is need to have, because the resources are increasingly depleted. "added Arcandra.

Arcandra explains why currently the Indonesian Government still uses coal as an energy source. The transfer of energy sources from coal to new renewable energy will be carried out in stages as European countries and China do, they divert their energy sources after their economies are running.

"The European countries advanced, starting the industrial revolution by using coal as a source of fuel, after the economy of the road was downhill, little by little they began to leave coal. They left coal after their engine of economic was running. Likewise with China, at the beginning they grow a lot of operating coal power plants as their electricity source to turn on the industry, so that at that time Beijing had a high level of air pollution, but now that their engines of economy are running, they are starting to use renewable energy, "said Arcandra.

At present, Indonesia still needs coal as a cheap energy source, in addition to ensuring that the price of electricity is affordable to the public, also to drive the economy so that the products produced can compete in the world market. But the next stage, renewable energy will be encouraged so that by 2025 a 23% portion will be achieved. Currently the transition period.

"We still need cheap energy sources to move our economy, until in time we will reduce the portion to be replaced with renewable energy sources. We still need cheap energy sources so that the products we produce can compete with products from the country. "If the energy source is expensive, it will be difficult to compete with other countries for our export needs," concluded Arcandra.