Saturday, 14 December 2019 | 14:12 WIB

Indonesian Government Can Maintain Economic Growth

Indonesian Government Can Maintain Economic Growth (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Economic observer and lecturer at Atmajaya Unika, Rosdiana Sijabat said that President Joko Widodo's administration had been quite successful in maintaining the level of economic growth amid high global economic uncertainty.

"The growth target of the Jokowi government was quite optimistic, which is 7 percent. But all global economic growth has slowed down. America alone has 2.9 percent economic growth. Indonesia is not too bad, but not too good," Rosdiana Sijabat said.

Rosdiana compared Singapore's economic growth in 2018 of only 3 percent, while Vietnam and Cambodia reached 6 percent.

According to Rosdiana, the growth of 5.2 percent in Indonesia is a figure to be grateful for a quiet economy.

"Because we cannot manage this external factor. In Southeast Asia there is a weakening demand for goods and services. The global economy will suppress our economy. So whoever will be elected, how to increase economic activity from the household side," Rosdiana explained.

Rosdiana also said the challenges of Indonesia's economic development going forward were very difficult, due to internal or domestic factors, and external factors. External factors are a slowdown in the regional economic performance.

Separately, former TKN member Usman Kansong said that even though the five percent economic growth did not reach the target, if you look at the global economy, that number should be grateful.

"Compared to G20 countries, we are number 3 after China and India. Why is it compared to the G20? Because of the large economic size," he said.

Political observer Emrus Sihombing argues, the issue of debt is always referred to in the political economy of government, even though he warns that no government in Indonesia does not owe.

"All (presidents) make debt, only the extent to which debt is used for the welfare of society, not for corruption. Do not use power to corrupt so that debt is not used properly. I think, there is nothing without debt. If debt is used for people's welfare, I do not think there is a problem with that, "he said.