Saturday, 28 November 2020 | 00:47 WIB

BNI Syariah Targets Launching Online Acccount Opening Service by end of 2019

BNI Syariah Targets Launching Online Acccount Opening Service by end of 2019 (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS COM - BNI Syariah targets the opening of online accounts in the fourth quarter of 2019. Through the opening of this online account, customers do not need to come to the branch office to meet the modern and moble lifestyle needs of public.

"Opening an online account is one of the strategies carried out by BNI Syariah to improve services in the digital era," said Director of Finance and Operations at BNI Syariah, Wahyu Avianto in a statement received, Jakarta, Saturday (04/20/2019).

With the opening of accounts through online, said Wahyu, the public can enjoy Islamic banking services more productively and efficiently.

Wahyu added, opening an account online is an additional option for opening an account through a branch office that is currently running. "The system for opening an online account is targeted to increase the acquisition of new customers by 150 accounts per day," he explained.

He hopes that opening an account online can be one of the channel options to increase the number of new customers. BNI Syariah hopes that later 20% of account opening can be served digitally.

In addition to opening accounts online, the company has also provided easy, fast and prudent access services for customers who want to open an account through SCO (Sharia Channeling Office) which is integrated with BNI. At present, BNI Syariah services can be reached in more than 1,500 SCO BNI offices throughout Indonesia.

In addition to opening accounts, services provided to customers at SCO, including opening savings accounts, opening deposits, checking accounts and activating e-channel services (Mobile banking, internet banking, sms banking), and applying for BNI IB Hasanah Card financing cards.

As for supporting digital transformation, BNI Syariah also continues to develop HR and infrastructure both hardware and software. BNI Syariah also collaborates with Fintech Syariah, such as PT Ammana Fintek Syariah to provide Digital Waqf solutions that aim to encourage community participation in productive waqf.

In addition, BNI Syariah is also a member of the AFSI (Fintech Syariah Indonesia Association) while supporting the need to use payment features or bank transfers used by startups and fintech.

As of the end of 2018, the number of BNI Syariah customers reached three million. Whereas BNI Syariah Third Party Funds reached IDR 35.50 trillion or grew by 20.82% (yoy).

"This figure is higher than industrial growth of 11.6%. The composition of Third Party Funds is dominated by low-cost funds which reached 55.82%," he said.