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Pegadaian Conducts Tax Data Integration to Uphold GCG

Pegadaian Conducts Tax Data Integration to Uphold GCG (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Pegadaian continues to be consistent in implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) on Monday (04/29/2019) to implement a Tax Data Integration program with the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT). The program was inaugurated at the Pegadaian Headquarters Langen Palikrama building as a follow-up direction of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Rini Soemarno.

The launching was attended by DGT officials represented by Expert Staff of the Minister of Finance for Tax Compliance Suryo Utomo, Director of Counseling, Services and Public Relations Hestu Yoga Saksama, Director of Information and Communication Technology Transformation Iwan Djuniardi, and Head of Regional Office DGT Large Taxpayer Mekar Satria Utama.

From the Ministry of SOE there were Gatot Trihargo, Deputy for Financial Services, Survey Services and Consultants and staff.

PT Pegadaian (Persero) President Director Kuswiyoto welcomed the launching of the program, and said his side was ready to support and succeed the Pegadaian Tax Integration Data program with the DGT. This is in line with the digital transformation program being run by the company.

"This tax data integration program is very useful to facilitate the fulfillment of better tax rights and obligations. This certainly helps us as taxpayers in realizing good corporate governance ".

Kuswiyoto further said that the tax contribution provided by Pegadaian continued to increase. In 2017 Pegadaian deposited a tax of IDR 1.26 trillion, in 2018 it rose to IDR 1.44 trillion.

In his remarks, Suryo Utomo, who represented the Director General of Taxes, expressed his appreciation to PT Pegadaian for integrating Tax Data with DGT and also conveyed the benefits of data integration for taxpayers, namely to efficiency and reduce the cost of compliance by minimizing tax administration errors.

"Some of the factors behind this support are due to the desire of state-owned taxpayers to provide the best for the country so that tax compliance becomes important.

SOEs should also be a barometer of compliance in fulfilling tax obligations. Regarding the fulfillment of tax obligations, the BUMN Taxpayer's cost of compliance should be low with minimum tax administration sanctions ".

Suryo Utomo further explained that this Tax Data Integration began with a coordination meeting between the parties from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, and the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) on December 26, 2016.

At the meeting the Ministry of SOEs provided support for the planned tax integration and data exchange. Furthermore, from the high-level coordination meeting, it was finally agreed that the Ministry of SOEs strongly supported the Tax Data Integration program with the DGT and requested that SOEs immediately implement Tax Data Integration.

To implement this Data Integration program, the Taxpayers Regional Office of Large Taxes has also established a Tax Data Integration and Exchange Team since 2017 led by Mekar Satria Utama as Director. Pegadaian is the fifth BUMN after Pertamina, Telekomunikasi Indonesia, the National Electricity Company, and Pelindo III that carried out data integration last year and Pegadaian is the first BUMN to carry out data integration in 2019.