Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 13:33 WIB

Village Funds Significantly Boost Real Revenues of Pujon Kidul VIllage

Village Funds Significantly Boost Real Revenues of Pujon Kidul VIllage (special)

MALANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Head of Pujon Kidul Village, Udi Hartoko, said Pujon Kidul Village's real income (PADes) has increased dramatically to more than IDR 1.3 Billion in 2018. Whereas previously, Pujon Kidul PADes was only around Rp30-40 million per year. This year, Pujon Kidul believes that it will be able to reach PADes up to IDR 2.5 Billion.

The success of Pujon Kidul Village, Pujon District, Malang Regency in managing the Village Fund then got a thumbs up from various groups. The Village Fund used to establish a Village-Owned Business Entity (BUMDes), has successfully transformed this village into a tourist location that draws thousands of visitors every day.

"In 2011 when I was just a Village Head, our PADes only ranged from Rp. 20-30 million per year. There was a significant increase when we started managing the Village Fund. We set up BUMDes, we use the potential, we move the whole community. In 2017 our PADes increased to Rp162 million, in 2018 Rp.1 billion more, jumped dramatically," said Udi to Netralnews.

Pujon Kidul Tourism Village has a variety of interesting rides with beautiful rural nuances, such as cafe rice fields, harvesting agricultural products, milking cows, swimming pools for children, off road, and horse riding tours.

Not only that, this Tourism Village also has many very interesting selfie spots. Tourists who visit are not a few in number, an average of 3,000 visitors on weekdays and 5,000 visitors on holidays.

The area of ​​Pujon Kidul Village is 330 hectares. Community crops then make picking tours of apples, vegetable picking tours, so that the agricultural products of citizens also become expensive. In the village there are also many who work as breeders (dairy cows).

"We want to have added value for these farmers. Then we want to increase the level of farmers and breeders. When city people come to farmers to milk cows, villagers are proud because the city children learn with the village community," Udi said.

Udi said, the principle in developing BUMDes is not only how BUMDes can increase turnover and PADes. According to him, the main principle is how BUMDes can have an impact on people's economic activities.

Since the establishment of this Tourism Village, the community has a variety of additional businesses such as homestay, horse rental, agricultural tourism, livestock tourism, and so on.

"Do not let large BUMDes, people not move. Do not let the road go straight, good, but massive urbanization, poverty does not decrease, unemployment is the same. But how do these BUMDes work together with the community to organize the economy that gives a wider impact to the community, "explained Udi.

Udi said that the decision to establish BUMDes originated from the results of village mapping related to village development needs which reached IDR 21 billion. This need requires the village to have high PADes, so that it does not only rely on village funds. Departing from these problems in the village discussion forum, village officials and the community agreed to establish BUMDes.

"The impact of village funds is very significant. In 2014 we are mapping, we are mapping to find out what is needed by the community, so we calculate the needs. For physical development alone, the need is IDR 21 billion, "said Udi.

The process was then conveyed to the community and the community was involved thinking that if only relying on the Village Fund would take a long time, ie 21 years. "Finally, we convey that we need to increase PADes, the way is only through BUMDes," continued Udi.