Friday, 10 July 2020 | 04:14 WIB

B100 Biodiesel Development from CPO Needs to be Accelerated

B100 Biodiesel Development from CPO Needs to be Accelerated (nst)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM --The development of 100% (B100) Biodiesel from Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is a strategic step for the Government to reduce dependence on the use of fossil fuels by encouraging the use of biofuels, which in turn can reduce dependence on imports of fuel oil (BBM).

Public doubts about the application of B100 were answered by the Head of Energy Ministry's Research and Development Agency, Dadan Kusdiana in the B100 Road Test Discussion at the Industrial Crops Research Institute and Freshener (Balittri) Ministry of Agriculture, Sukabumi, West Java. This visit is a form of seriousness of the ESDM Research and Development Agency in supporting the B100 program.

"There are still doubts from the wider audience regarding the application of the B100, considering that B20 is still in the implementation stage, but the B100 testing and research is not too fast, the testing and use of B100 needs to be rushed," said Dadan.

Dadan added, this biodiesel test was not merely directly tested on vehicles, but had passed the previous testing process with international standards and automotive standards and was escorted by various parties including BPPPT, APROBI, Gaikindo and Pertamina. "Soon we will start the road test for B30 first 40,000 km on motorized vehicles," he said.

On the same occasion, the Head of the Agricultural Research Agency Fadjri Djufri said that B100 originating from crude palm oil had been analyzed at the LEMIGAS Research and Technology Research Center "LEMIGAS" with the results of SNI 7182-2015 Biodiesel specifications.

"Thank God, the results of the Biodisesel CPO quality test conducted by Balittri at the Research and Development Laboratory of LEMIGAS have met SNI 7182-2015 Biodiesel specifications," said Fadjri.

He also said that his party had conducted soft launching of B100 from CPO. "Since 2013, we at the Ministry of Agriculture have carried out several B100 trials on motorized vehicles, and the Minister of Agriculture last month even held a soft lauching and trial of B100 from CPO", concluded Fadjri.

Going forward, the consortium testing involves the Research and Development Center for Oil and Gas "LEMIGAS", the IAARD and BT2MP-BPPT. The coordination and cooperation between the ESDM Research and Development Agency and Balittri Ministry of Agriculture is expected to be a catalyst for the use of biodiesel in motorized vehicles in Indonesia.

During this visit, the Head of the ESDM Research and Development Agency was accompanied by the Head of Research and Development Research and Development Center and the Head of Research and Development Center for Oil and Gas "LEMIGAS", and Representative of the Directorate General of EBTKE by inviting the Head of Fuel Technology and Design Engineering, Ari Rahmadi, Deputy Secretary General of APROBI, Sikin Hutomo, and Bioenergy Technical Committee IKABI, Iman K. Reksowardojo.