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International Forum Appreciates Indonesia’s VIllage Fund Program

International Forum Appreciates Indonesia's VIllage Fund Program (kemendes)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia has received appreciation from the participants of the 8th ASEAN Plus Three Village Leaders Exchange Program forum. Because, only Indonesia has sent a village head to speak in a forum attended by all ASEAN countries plus China, Korea and Japan in Yunnan, China.

Poverty Eradication and Gender Officer from the ASEAN-Indonesia National Secretariat (Ajnas), Ajeng Purnama Pratiwi while attending the forum said that during the event, Indonesian participants received positive comments from all ASEAN country representatives who participated in the forum.

"Only Indonesia whose exposure was carried out by the village head himself, for other countries, his presentation was carried out by representatives of the Government, besides that Indonesian participants were also humble," said Ajeng, Monday (05/06/2019).

Furthermore, Ajeng said that during the presentation at the podium, the Indonesian Delegation represented by the Village Head elaborated one by one on development activities and poverty alleviation in their respective villages.

"The Village Head outlines the success of village funds in Indonesia, including their respective villages. Many are amazed, what has been conveyed by the Village Head before the participants represented by the government from all ASEAN countries," said Ajeng.

With this forum, Ajeng believes that the participants get a lot of new knowledge and experience that can be implemented in terms of improving village quality, innovation for poverty alleviation in the village and community networks with other ASEAN countries.

Please note that the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Ministry of PDTT) sent three village head representatives to attend the 8th ASEAN Plus Three Village Leaders Exchange Program forum held in Yunnan, China, May 5 - 2019.

The three representatives from the village head were Poleonro Village Head, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi (Hardi), Kades Margasakti, North Bengkulu, Bengkulu (Sumaryono) and Kandolo Village Head, East Kutai District, East Kalimantan (Alimuddin). In his departure, the three village heads were accompanied by Eko Sri Haryanto as Director of Cooperation and Capacity Development at the Directorate General of Rural Area Development (DG PKP) Ministry of Trade PDTT.

The 8th ASEAN Plus Three Village Leaders Exchange Program Forum aims to build the capacity of leaders in the villages by sharing knowledge about economic development, infrastructure development and human resource development in order to further enhance the development of rural communities in countries ASEAN.

PDTT Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Anwar Sanusi believes that the forum attended by participants from ASEAN countries can bring benefits to the participants. With this forum, participants can share knowledge about experiences and practices related to rural vitalization and poverty reduction and community development planning. Moreover, the participants were not only ASEAN countries. However, there are also China, Korea and Japan who are expected to share their best practices and experiences.

"I am sure that with this forum there will be a lot of opportunities to exchange ideas about the development and empowerment of rural communities. From the results of this forum a network will be created between the government who participated in this training. Hopefully in the future they will exchange ideas and ideas and innovations. so that we can improve and empower rural communities, "said Anwar.

Meanwhile, one of the village heads who took part in the forum in Yunnan, namely Sumaryono, Head of the Margasakti Village, North Bengkulu, said he was proud to be able to represent all village heads in Indonesia in attending the 8th ASEAN Plus Three Village Leaders Exchange Program forum. He hoped that participating in this activity would have a good impact on villages in Indonesia, especially villages that participated in the forum.

"Alhamdulillah, I am happy to be able to represent Indonesia to join this program. Hopefully this can have a good impact on villages in Indonesia, especially our villages, which can later benefit from this program and we can do it in our village. we make it as a driver of development in our respective villages, "said Sumaryono.