Wednesday, 21 Augst 2019 | 11:32 WIB

Power Plant Development Permit Now Goes Through OSS

Head of the Public Information Services Communication Bureau and Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi (esdm)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Electricity licensing services can now be accessed more easily and quickly through OSS (Online Single Submission) which can be accessed on the website, which is currently handled by BKPM since January 2, 2019. OSS itself was officially launched in July 2018 under the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy.

One of the permits handled in the OSS system is the licensing process to build a power plant.

"There are 6 general electricity licenses that have entered OSS, as well as 4 additional permits for geothermal plants, all of which have now been processed through OSS," said Head of the Public Information Services Communication Bureau and Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi in Jakarta (10/5/2019), responding to President Joko Widodo's directive requesting licensing be cut again when inaugurating the 2019 Musrenbangnas planning forum and RKP 2020 at Shangri-La Hotel, South Jakarta, Thursday (05/09/2019).

Agung said that licensing for the construction of power plants handled by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources through OSS was only 2 (two) permits, namely the Electricity Supply Business License (IUPTL) and Electricity Support Services Business License (IUJPTL).

This permit is needed so that the construction of a power plant can fulfill the electricity safety aspect because electricity is also dangerous.

"IUPTL and IUJPTL can immediately be given to developers through the OSS system after the developer conveys a commitment to fulfill the requirements as stipulated in ESDM Ministerial Regulation Number 39 of 2018 concerning Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services in the Electricity Sector," he explained.

In detail, Agung explained that six electricity business licenses that can be processed through OSS are (1) Electricity Supply Business License; (2) Operating Permit; (3) Determination of Business Areas; (4) Cross-country Electric Power Sale and Purchase Permits; (5) Electricity Support Services Business Licenses carried out by BUMN or PMA or majority of shares owned by PMA; and (6) Permit for Utilization of Electric Power Networks for the Purposes of Telecommunications, Multimedia and Information from holders of permits stipulated by the Central Government.

Meanwhile, 4 geothermal permits that have been processed through OSS include the Assignment of Preliminary Geothermal Survey, Geothermal Permit, Geothermal Support Business Agreement, and Permit for Use of Geothermal Explosives Warehouse.

Agung said, in addition to licenses issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, at least investors needed more than 50 other permits processed through the Central One-Stop Service (PTSP), Provincial PTSP and Regency / City PTSP.

In building a power plant there are several permits issued by Ministries / Agencies, including BKPM, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Angraria / BPN, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and Ministry of Internal Affairs. State / Regional Government, and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

"With OSS, it is expected that the Ministries / Agencies related to the power plant construction permit can also cut down the flow of licensing so that it will make it easier for investors to obtain permits in the future," said Agung.