Thursday, 28 May 2020 | 22:33 WIB

Agricullture Ministry Targets Garlic Self-Sufficiency in Indonesia by 2021

Agricullture Ministry Targets Garlic Self-Sufficiency in Indonesia by 2021 (kementan)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture  targets that Indonesia will no longer import garlic by 2021. At present, demand for garlic reaches around 600,000 tons per year, in which 90 percent are met through imports.

Head of the Food Security Agency at the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture, Agung Hendriadi, said that the target could be achieved with several strategies being pursued by the government. The main strategy is to increase the area of ​​land for garlic plants. Currently the land area for new garlic plants is around 20,000 hectares (ha).

"The mechanism that we prepare for the needs of 600,000 tons per year can be fulfilled with a planting area of ​​60,000 hectares. The assumption is that the production is 10,000 tons," Agung said in a discussion on the Merdeka Barat Forum (FMB 9) at the Ministry of Communication and Information, Central Jakarta.

To ensure the adequacy of seeds, Agung said that the production of 20,000 hectares would not be distributed to the community, but was prepared for seeds and planting on other lands.

Meanwhile, to encourage the responsibility of importers to produce national garlic, Agung stressed that importers who get import licenses are required to produce five percent of the import quota obtained.

This rule is contained in the Minister of Agriculture Regulation (Permentan) number 16/2017 on recommendations for imports of horticultural products.

"From now on, the importer is obliged to plant five percent. We have included this at the RIPH (recommendation for imports of horticulture products). Whether the importer is planting or not, it will become our evaluation," he said.