Wednesday, 21 Augst 2019 | 11:46 WIB

Wismilak Holds 10th Diplomat Success Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs

Wismilak Holds 10th Diplomat Success Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Wismilak, through the Wismilak Foundation, has again held the Diplomat Success Challenge for the 10th year (DSC | X in 2019). DSC is an entrepreneurial competition program that provides opportunities for young people to become successful entrepreneurs through developing their creative ideas.

As a form of great commitment from Wismilak which has been going on for 10 years, DSC | X comes with a new format to reach a broader range of young people, those aged 18-45 years, have business or creative business ideas, like challenges and hard workers in entrepreneurship.

"The 10th Diplomat for the Success Challenge is Wismilak's great commitment to strengthen entrepreneurship in Indonesia. Entrepreneurial growth targets are important, but no less important is how the entrepreneurs are ready to face the challenges of industry 4.0, "said Doni Arya as the representative of PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk and DSC organizer on Wednesday (05/15/2019).

Different from previous years, the DSC | X program in 2019 will work together with Coworking Indonesia, which is a driver of the community with the main goal of building Indonesia's entrepreneurial and economic growth through coworking. Together with Coworking Indonesia, the DSC | X program held roadshows to various campuses and coworking spaces in nine cities in Indonesia.

"Coworking space is one of the most effective ways to grow networks, expertise and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Coworking Association Indonesia supports DSC | X initiatives because programs that are relevant to the growth and success of members and their communities are a plus for coworking space," said Faye Alund as President Coworking Indonesia.

Not only is the business capital grant totaling Rp2 billion to be given to selected finalists according to business needs, the DSC | X program in 2019 also provides an opportunity for selected participants to get mentoring or mentoring to build a successful business mindset as part of business development sustainable.

At DSC | X this time the finalists will get mentoring from Michael Tampi (Venture Capitalist & Angel Investor), Muhammad Aga (Co-Founder of Coffee S.M.I.T.H, Roaster, IBC Champion 2018), Pangeran Siahaan (Founder & and Dr. Dina Dellyana (SBM Lecturer, ITB, Entrepreneur, Musician).

These mentors will accompany selected finalists during the incubation period so they can prepare a business plan and apply it appropriately.

DSC | X opens registration from May 15 to August 17 2019. The DSC | X jury consists of Surjanto Yasaputra, from Wismilak Group, Helmy Yahya, Director of TVRI and also well-known figures as well as successful entrepreneurs and Antarina SF Amir, Director of Highscope Indonesia .

It is expected that in the 10th year, DSC | X in 2019 can capture the enthusiasm of participants through business proposals that will be included later. For comparison, the previous DSC, namely 2018, can capture more than 8,000 business ideas.