Tuesday, 19 November 2019 | 15:57 WIB

PHM, P3GL, and Elnusa Collaborate on Mahakam Block Survey

PHM, P3GL, and Elnusa Collaborate on Mahakam Block Survey (elnusa)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - To optimize the potential for offshore oil and gas in the Mahakam Block area, East Kalimantan, the Marine Geology Research and Development (P3GL) of the Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will collaborate intensively with PT. Elnusa, Tbk in the survey of Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) 3rd Call at the beginning of August 2019.

Head of P3GL, Hedi Hidayat revealed that previously, P3GL with Elnusa had cooperated in a geophysical survey entitled PHM 1st Call in April - May 2018 and and PHM 2nd Call was held at the beginning of 2019 The survey uses a Geomarin III Research Ship (KR) vehicle equipped with seismic air-gun equipment services.

"P3GL's progress continues to be encouraged through the utilization of KR Geomarin III, to support efforts to increase national oil and gas production, especially the oil and gas infrastructure survey. One of them is through multi-year cooperation with Elnusa in this geophysical survey project for Pertamina Hulu Mahakam", explained Hedi.

He explained, 3rd Call activities consisted of geophysical surveys and marine geology, both digitally and analogously for pre-location survey of PHM offshore rig construction. As a Mahakam Working Area (WK) operator, PHM continues to actively conduct offshore drilling in the Mahakam Block, East Kalimantan. Until the end of December 2018, PHM had completed four rigs to complete the target of drilling 65 wells at WK Mahakam.

KR Geomarin III for 15 to 20 days in August 2019 will be equipped with 2D High Resolution Seismic equipment, Side Scan Sonar, Sub Bottom Profiling, Geomagnet, Multibeam and sediment coring.

The certainty of specifications, number of screen days and contract value are still intensively discussed with Elnusa, because it requires a response from the user (final end-user), during the team inspection to KR Geomarin III in Cirebon.

The departure of this survey is scheduled after the Geomarin III Research Ship completed the OBS Cambridge University-ITB installation survey work in the Sulawesi Sea. The Geomarin III vessel will be mobilized from the OBS survey location to Balikpapan, which is the initial start of the Elnusa survey.