Monday, 16 September 2019 | 15:08 WIB

Property Business Lively Again after Presidential Election Result Announcement

Property Business Lively Again after Presidential Election Result Announcement (mediaexplore)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Property businesses assess that investments in the property sector will be on the rise after the announcement of presidential election results that are in line with the expectations of the business world.

Election results have aroused optimism among property industry players. The reason is that the safe implementation increases investor confidence that Indonesia's economy will stabilize and grow positively.

The director of SouthCity, Peony Tang as property developer in the Pondok Cabe area of ​​South Jakarta when met on Tuesday, was optimistic that there would be sales growth after the presidential election.

Peony Tang said, despite experiencing a slowdown last year, due to the wait and see action of investors, investors are now starting to dare to take investment steps.

"Especially with the government's commitment to continue the infrastructure program that has been and will run, that optimism is getting stronger," Peony said, as quoted by Antara, Tuesday (05/21/2019).

Peony said, millennial buyers also have a tendency to start investing in property. This trend is mainly due to the many conveniences provided by developers so that even with a limited budget, millennials are still able to own property.

"This will certainly excite the property industry to market its projects after the presidential election," he said.

Peony believes that this year, he will be able to market up to 80 percent of apartment units in SouthCity. Moreover, the concept carried is the first coliving apartment in Indonesia.

In line with Peony, property expert from Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) Ali Tranghanda said that developers began to dare to launch post-presidential project launches after seeing stable and unstable economic conditions.

"This increases developer optimism towards the property industry after the election," he said.

According to Ali, the 2019 presidential election is relatively influential on the property market, especially for the middle and upper segments. This condition will still wait until October 2019, however, the relatively safe condition of the presidential election will have a positive impact at the end of the year.

"We expect post-election, the property market will move again," he said.

Meanwhile, the Associate Director of SouthCity, Stevie Faverius Jaya, said that the property industry's return to excitement could not be separated from the property cycle that always happened.

He said, it is undeniable that the property market in recent years has deteriorated. However, this year, he is optimistic, the property market will return to excitement.

"This is actually a definite cycle that will come back again, indeed the Indonesian economy is affected by the political side because this year the election year, I am sure that after the election, there will be a lot of enthusiastic investors and the movement of economic activity will improve," he said.

Located in Cinere, South Jakarta, this apartment has a total occupancy of 1,701 units on a 1.5 hectare land.