Saturday, 23 January 2021 | 21:24 WIB

IndiHome Modernization: From Copper Wires to Optic Fibre

Teuku Muda Nanta, Telkom Regional 2 Jakarta Executive Vice President (EVP) (youtube)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - IndiHome has gone through several phases in each of its developments before its current achievements. These include the changing of times, as well as adaptations to technological developments.

Teuku Muda Nanta, Telkom Regional 2 Jakarta Executive Vice President (EVP) said that the long journey of IndiHome from time to time did not take long, but had improved significantly.

"So Indihome was launched in January 2015 to replace our old product, Speedy. We did not immediately terminate Speedy in order to immediately change perceptions. Everyone, including other stakeholders, have taken part in the telkom transformation, which includes from using copper cables to fiber optics," Nanta said to in his office, Graha Merah Putih, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/29/2019).

He also told that at that time the internet business and infrastructure development had to go hand in hand with changes in the technology industry.

"Indihome is like a double rail train, the right lane of the train has been running, the one that continues to penetrate sales, improve the product and leadership, as well as improving services," he said.

Nanta continued that the company, at that time, was still studying the concept of bringing fiber to the home in 2015. "The study includes how we transform into primary, secondary copper networks. There are land wires with ground cables. We change to optics which has a very different terminology from copper, "

Now, these two things run simultaneously, for two years, so 2015, 2016 the company started its penetration. On the other hand, the company repaired the network, especially the optical cable, then repaired the IT system, improved management data, and continued developing its own products. It works, but thanks also the results of the two years 2015-2016 when the company have nearly 1.5 million customers. This achievement was obtained while the company was still in studying phase.

Nanta added that it is now in the present, almost in June 2019, at the end of May. Indihome is only 3.5 years old. And our customers today are 5.8 million.

According to him, if you compare with the age of Speedy from 2004 to 2014, the customers only reached 1.9 million in the phase of then years.

"Indeed, this happens exponentially, as this indihome fulfills market needs, it is the customer's needs that we answer, because customers want the internet to be fast," he added.