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TelkomGroup Launches Free Homecoming Travel with IndiHome

TelkomGroup Launches Free Homecoming Travel with IndiHome (netralnews)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1440 H, Telkom Group has again held another homecoming activity by sending off 8,250 homecoming travelers in various regions in Indonesia. This is part of the activities of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Homecoming Travel program initiated by the the Ministry of SOE.

Of these, Telkom Regional 2 dispatched about 1,500 travelers from Jakarta to a number of regions on Java, such as Semarang, Solo, Jogja, and Surabaya. The sending off of 1,500 travelers was conducted at Wisma Aldiron, Pancoran area, South Jakarta, Saturday (1/6/2019) morning.

As observed by at Wisma Aldiron, travelers have arrived and filled the location since 04.00 Indonesian western time. They looked so enthusiastic and happy since they were facilitated by Telkom Group to return to their hometown and meet their relatives.

The event, entitled 'Free Homecoming Travel with IndiHome' was attended by a number of TelkomGroup officials, such as Telkom Consumer Director Siti Choiriana, Telkom Marketing Vice President Aulia Ersyah Marinto, Telkom Executive Vice President Regional 2 Teuku Muda Nanta, and DEVP Telkom Regional 2 Pontjo Suharwono, among others.

This activity is held every year, and is called the SOE Homecoming Program, in this case Telkom Group. And this year, Alhamdulillah, we dispatched approximately 1,500 people on 31 buses. Everything is free. In addition, we also provide supplies and medicines available on the travel, "said Nanta at the location.

"We hope that this can make people who are going homecoming happy. Homecoming is an indispensable need for them on the eve of the feast, so they can enjoy holidays with their families," said Nanta.

Before the homecoming event, officials from TelkomGroup checked the readiness of the bus fleet and the bus drivers to ensure everything was in top condition.

The Activities of Free Homecoming Travel with IndiHome at Wisma Aldiron (NNC/Adiel Manafe)

Ana, accompanied by Nanta, Aulia, and Pontjo, also talked with travelers related to their preparation for homecoming traveling to their hometown. The arrival of the TelkomGroup was warmly welcomed by travelers who wanted to go to their respective hometowns.

"This event is really good, this is several of Telkom's effort in being ready for the country. Therefore, we can help people to go home free with IndiHome. Hopefully we can dispatch more travelers every year," Ana said after checking the preparation of the bus fleet and travelers.

Ana hopes that with this activity, the public can feel the presence and benefits of SOEs, especially Telkom Group. On that occasion, she also requested support from Telkom Group so that in the future it would be better and contribute more to the public.

"Our hope is that people really feel that they are part of what we contribute to this country. So that what we really want to do will have a better impact, because the better we will be, the greater the benefits to the public, "she explained.

Meanwhile, after checking the readiness of the bus fleet and travelers, the event continued with a joint prayer. Aulia and Pontjo then symbolically launched the departure of the Eid homecoming travel buses by raising the flag.