Tuesday, 18 February 2020 | 18:00 WIB

Ministry of Villages Urges Internet Usage for Tourism Development

Director General of Development of Disadvantaged Areas Samsul Widodo (kemendes)

LOMBOK, NETRALNEWS.COM - In 2019, the Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information promises that all villages in remote parts of Indonesia will enjoy being connected to the internet.

Responding to this, the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration, through the Director General of Development of Disadvantaged Areas Samsul Widodo, assessed that this needs to be utilized including in the development of tourism in disadvantaged areas.

"Currently digital development in Indonesia is one of the fastest and gradually included in all lines of life. Moreover, digital penetration in Indonesia has also entered rural areas, including underdeveloped areas," Samsul said recently in Lombok.

Samsul said that the digital platform in the tourism sector could be used to promote tourism destinations in disadvantaged areas with wider coverage, so as to reach ever-increasing global tourists.

According to Samsul, efforts to accelerate tourism development in disadvantaged areas are also needed to be innovative.

"By collaborating with tourism startup activists, tourism promotion in disadvantaged areas can be done in a more effective and efficient way," said Samsul.

This statement was conveyed because the potential of villages in disadvantaged areas was quite large. This potential exists both in the agriculture, plantation, fisheries, livestock sectors, including in the tourism sector.

Based on data from the Village Potential 2018 by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) there are 3,576 attractions in Disadvantaged Regions or around 19.35 percent of the total rural tourism objects in Indonesia.

"Destination destinations consisting of natural, cultural, special interest and artificial destinations are ready to have great potential to be developed," said Samsul.