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BPS: Rice Prices Decrease in May 2019

BPS: Rice Prices Decrease in May 2019 (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) noted a decline in prices of dry grain and rice as well as an increase in Farmer Exchange Rates (NTP) and Farmer Business Exchange Rates (NTUP) in May 2019.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto said of 2,007 grain sales transactions in 28 provinces during May 2019, recorded harvested dry grain (GKP) transactions of 72.50 percent, milled dry grain (GKG) 11.26 percent, and low quality grain 16.24 percent.

Suhariyanto continued, during May 2019 the average price of GKP at the farm level was Rp. 4,356 per kg, down 0.02 percent and at the grinding level Rp. 4,445 per kg or down 0.01 percent compared to the same quality grain price in the previous month.

"Compared to May 2018, the average price in May 2019 at the farm level for all qualities, namely GKP, GKG, and low, decreased by 4.36 percent, 1.80 percent and 6.58 percent," said Suhariyanto in his statement Wednesday (6/12/2019).

The same thing happened to grain prices at the grinding level which decreased by 4.23 percent, 1.40 percent and 6.34 percent respectively compared to May 2018.

In May, the average price of premium, medium and low quality rice decreased by 0.65 percent, 0.52 percent and 0.54 percent respectively compared to May 2018.

When compared to the previous month, the average price of premium quality rice in the mill was Rp. 9,462 or a decrease of 0.03 percent, medium quality rice was Rp. 9,143 per kg or down by 0.02 percent, and low quality rice was Rp. .953 per kg, up by 0.19 percent.

In a separate statement, the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture's Pusdatin Ketut Kariyasa said the increase in NTP and NTUP in May was supported by an increase in NTP in the agricultural subsector compared to the previous month.

The details are horticultural sub-sector NTPs of 102.41, up 1.42 percent, Animal Husbandry NTPs of 107.71 or up 0.83 percent, and people's plantation NTPs of 96.02, up 0.43 percent.

The same thing happened to NTUP. The horticulture sub-sector increased by 112.11, up 1.72 percent, livestock by 117.37, up 1.03 percent, and smallholder plantations at 106.01 or up 0.99 percent.

Ketut also commented that the decline in grain prices in May was proof that the availability of grain tends to be stable during the month of Ramadan where community needs usually increase sharply.

"Therefore, we set a production target of 20 percent above normal production. Thus, food availability will still be fulfilled," Ketut explained.