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Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail Uses Latest Technology

Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail Uses Latest Technology (wikipedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway will implement the latest generation of high-speed trains with modern technology, namely CR400AF, which is the result of the development of the CRH380A type by Qingdao Sifang CRRC.

CR400AF has a width of 3.36 meters and a height of 4.05 meters with a train head length of 27.2 meters and an intermediate train of 25 meters.

Chandra Dwiputra, President Director of PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China, said in a written statement in Jakarta, Monday (06/17/2019), that the CR400AF has dimensions larger than the previous type.

Besides being more reliable, CR400AF also has a longer usage period of more than 30 years (since years of production) and lower maintenance costs.

Unlike the previous type, CR400AF is designed to operate in four climates, one of which is in a tropical climate with high temperature and humidity conditions such as in Indonesia.

Each CR400AF series has two "lightning arresters" to improve safety against lightning strikes, especially on the side of high voltage equipment.

Chandra added that besides being able to operate in tropical climates and extreme weather, the CR400AF is also certain to be able to face the geographical conditions of the Jakarta - Bandung trajectory which tend to climb.

"With the power of each circuit reaching 9750 kW, the CR400AF is able to provide better acceleration when passing through trases at an elevation of 30 per mile," he said.

In an emergency, the CR400AF can be used as another train puller even in gradients or elevations of 12 per mile.

CR400AF is equipped with two emergency brakes, the first is called the EB Emergency Brake which works based on the driver controller command, passenger emergency brake facility and driver control alertness. The second emergency brake is called the UB Emergency Brake which will be active based on the function of Automatic Train Protection (ATP), the detection of distance between trains and when the train power is off / not working. With these two emergency brake systems, CR400AF

"It offers a more level of security to protect the train when a system error or human error occurs. "A series of CR400AF trains consists of eight cars (cars) with a composition of four motorized cars and four cars without motorbikes," he said.

With this composition, the CR400AF train has a design speed of up to 420km/h and an operational speed of 350 kilometers/hour.

Although high speed, from the comfort side CR400AF has lower cabin noise so it can reduce vibration and sound in the train more optimally.

With such high speed, the Indonesian CR400AF Fast Train will travel a distance of 142.3 km Jakarta - Bandung in just 36 minutes for direct travel, up to 46 minutes when stopping at each station. For information, along the route of the Jakarta - Bandung Fast Train there will be four stop stations, namely Halim, Karawang, Walini and Tegalluar.

Offering modern technology that is able to shorten the time, ticket pricing is of particular concern and is one of the important factors in the mass transportation business. However, the pricing of fast train tickets is still being reviewed until operational in 2021.

"Based on the results of the feasibility study, the feasible value for the Bandung Jakarta Fast Train ticket starts from the range of 16 US dollars, but of course officially, the tariff setting will be determined later after a comprehensive study when KCJB will start operating with attention to various economic aspects, people's purchasing power in 2021 and also after approval from the regulator, "said Chandra.