Tuesday, 19 November 2019 | 16:00 WIB

Villages Ministry Urges Realization of Partnerships for Regencies and Prukades Partners

Anwar Sanusi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Villages (kemendes)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - At least 343 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) have been agreed upon between Indonesia's regency governments and their business partners regarding the development of the Leading Rural Area Products (Prukades) program.

The Indonesia Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration said that it would encourage the realization of the agreed Prukades programs.

Anwar Sanusi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Villages, said his office was ready to facilitate various steps to overcome the obstacles in following up the agreed MoUs for the development of Prukades. There are 148 regencies and 30 business partners who have carried out the collaboration.

"The development of Prukades is not an easy job. It takes commitment from all parties so that various agreed steps and ideas such as the existence of the MoU can be carried out in the field," said Anwar.

He explained that Prukades is one of the priority programs of the Ministry of Villages which is projected as one of the levers of the village economy. The program helps villages to be more focused on developing its superior products so that it has a large economic scale.

Anwar hopes that in the next five years, the Prukades program will remain a mainstay program in exploring the best potential of each village, so that the welfare of villagers based on local potential can continue to increase.

"Moreover, Prukades is one of the factors increasing economic growth in the village and increasing income of rural people," Anwar said in a written statement.

Anwar stressed that the Ministry of Villages had taken serious steps in developing Prukades. One of them is facilitating the signing of MoU between the regency/district governments, Business Partners and Managers of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

According to Anwar, this step is important so that Prukades can be managed from upstream to downstream. So that the program not only guarantees prukades to develop well, but also ensures market absorption of these products.

"We will evaluate, how many have been followed up to become cooperation agreements and how many are still in the status of MoU. We will facilitate a three-party meeting to unravel the obstacles that occur from the implementation of the MoU," Anwar said.