Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:09 WIB

Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Targets Revenues Growth of up to 26 Percent

Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Targets Revenues Growth of up to 26 Percent (omnihospitals)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk (IDX:SAME), the operator of OMNI Hospitals, is optimistic that the company's revenues for this year will grow around 22% to 26%. The company obtained revenues of IDR 952 billion in 2018.

OMNI Hospitals Director Surina said that the company's revenue this year will still be supported by several hospitals that the company owns, among them the largest from OMNI Hospitals Pulomas, and Alam Sutera.

"We are targeting revenue to grow by around 22 percent to 26 percent, while net profit is still in line," Surina said in Jakarta on Friday (6/28/2019).

Surina also said that the contribution of OMNI Hospitals in Pekayon will also grow larger this year compared to the previous year.

"We hope that this year's OMNI Pekayon will generate growth of 10-15 percent from the previous year of only 5%, because it is still new," Surina said.

Hassan Themas, DIrector of OMNI Hospitals, said the company has budgeted capital expenditure of around IDR 90 billion to meet the targets. The funds will come from internal cash and bank loans.

"Our funding will look at the company's cashflow first, maybe the funding might be around 40% from internal cash, and the rest is bank loans," he said.

Hassan also explained that such funds would be used to support the company's business as a operator of OMNI Hospitals.

"We will add beds, buy medical devices, and also along with the signing of several new doctors at the company hospital," Surina added.