Sunday, 31 May 2020 | 16:17 WIB

Indonesian Millennials Love Paying for Stuff Using Digital Wallets

Indonesian millennials love paying for stuff using digital wallets, including Go-Pay (teknologi)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Alvara Research Center has released the results of a survey that showed GoJek's Go-Pay to be the most widely used digital wallet by millennials in Indonesia.

"In the digital payment service category, Go-Pay recorded 67.9 percent of respondents," said Hasanuddin Ali, Founder and CEO of Alvara Research Center.

The survey involved respondents born in 1981-1997 in the Greater Jakarta, Bali, Padang, Yogyakarta and Manado regions, with face-to-face interview methods and cluster random sampling.

The number of samples in the survey conducted on April 3-20 2019 was 1,204 respondents with a margin of error of 2.89 percent.

The second position based on the survey results is occupied by OVO, which Grab uses for digital payment services. The survey results showed OVO was used by 33.8 percent of respondents.

In a press release on Thursday (07/11/2019), the survey recorded that Dana and LinkAja services were third and fourth respectively. The survey results noted that Dana and LinkAja were used by 8.5 percent and 0.3 percent of respondents.

Alvara's survey also concluded that the GoJek platform in two other e-commerce categories excelled compared to other digital wallet services. The two categories in question are online transportation services or vehicle calls and food delivery.

The survey results show that 70.4 percent of respondents use GoJek's online transportation service. While similar services owned by Grab are only used by 45.7 percent of respondents.

In food delivery services, Go-Food is used by 71.7 percent of respondents. While Grab Food is used by 39.9 percent of respondents.

Hasanuddin said GoJek is more superior than other digital wallets because it has integrated services with payment facilities under one flag.

"We see GoJek has special advantages over others, namely ecosystems and integrated services," Hasanuddin said.

In addition, three GoJek service products also excel because they are one of the pioneers in the service category.

However, GoJek and Grab don't have much difference from the aspect of the number of users. Grab's non-integrated service factors are thought to influence consumers' choice to use OVO digital wallet services.