Friday, 18 October 2019 | 05:51 WIB

This Building Renovation Startup Has Secured Billions of Rupiahs in a Year

This Building Renovation Startup Has Secured Billions of Rupiahs in a Year (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The potential of the construction business in Indonesia is very lucrative. In the Greater Jakarta area alone, the potential value of this business can reach IDR 161 trillion. This is the background for Fendy Hidayat to establish a startup named in the building construction segment. is a digital platform for the renovation of houses and buildings that Fendy Hidayat founded last year. Now the business is experiencing significant growth. Unmitigated, the value of projects received by RenoVasik has grown to reach the value of tens of billions of rupiahs when compared to a year ago in the same period, which was only in the range of hundreds of millions of rupiah. This certainly has an impact on's work partners, including construction foremen. CEO Fendy Hidayat targets his startup to control 0.9% of the total construction business market potential in the Greater Jakarta area this year. "As a new player in such a large market potential, we are optimistic that we can meet the target," said Fendy in Jakarta.

The growth of the renovation and construction business cannot be separated from the needs for building foremen and builders. Therefore, also encourages building foremen to join partners through Sahabat Mandor. Thus, the foremen and builders no longer have difficulties in finding their own renovation or building projects.

"Sahabat Mandor is a forum that we provide to create jobs for the construction foremen, including construction builders under the foreman's coordinator," said Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Indra Setiawan.

Currently Indra said there are 49 foremen that joined Sahabat Mandor, each of whom supervised up to 20 builders. "So with that figure, we provide jobs to almost 1000 people builders," he said.

To provide the best service to consumers, foremen who are members of are given various kinds of training of products and soft skills. Indra said his office has collaborated with Bluescope Indonesia to provide skills training to the foreman, so that the foreman would later get certification from Bluescope, which was also the result of collaboration with the Indonesia Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing.

According to Indra, the foreman who joined Sahabat Mandor have several advantages, namely, the foremen do not need to advertise, and could receive work orders directly from

In addition, the foremen do not need to negotiate with consumers or collect payments because they have been handled by, and it is certain that defaults will not occur. "So the foremen are more effective in working because they work directly according to the work agreement," he said.

Business Expansion

Indra is optimistic that will grow even more in the coming years. At present, RenovAsik has expanded its business into various fields, such as Patos Incubator, a business incubator that educates prospective entrepreneurs to start their business, tour and travel services, and CCTV distribution. In addition, also continues to develop cooperation with various financial institutions, be it banking, cooperatives or fintech to provide convenience for consumers who want to make renovations with installment programs. also follows the latest developments of the coffee shop business. For that reason, Renovasik is open for B2B cooperation in terms of fulfilling renovation work and constructing interior outlets/booths/cafes and others for coffee entrepreneurs.

In order to support the continuity of the coffee shop business, Renovasik also opens B2B cooperation with construction material shops, so that the construction material shops and stores incorporated in the network will get many benefits. "Among them is that we prioritize buying material from the building shop when our project is in an area not far from the location of the store," he said.